Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 3 Recap

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 3 Recap

The Romance is a Bonus Book recap for February 2, 2019, features new roommates, a stolen blurb, and a one-sided love.

Dan-i and Eun-ho have a sit-down and she tells him how she’s been surviving since she lost her house. However, she’s only been staying at his place for ten days after firing the housekeeper. She repeatedly asks if he’ll kick her out while she puts up a sad act. Eun-ho agrees to let her stay for three months while she tries to find a place. Eun-ho realizes that Dan-i had been sleeping in the attic with nothing, not even a pillow. He decides to clear out his gym room and nicely furnishes the room for her. While he was furnishing, Dan-i was out apartment searching and runs into her shining white knight. The same person that returned her shoes and gave her his umbrella. The place she was looking at happened to be right next to his home. They ended up on his balcony where he showed her the green onion plant she gifted him and she met his dog he found the day they first met. She told him she would be back to return his umbrella and help name the dog. When Dan-i gets home, she’s extremely happy by Eun-ho’s kind gesture. They share their first official meal as roommates.  He let her know that he doesn’t mind her staying there with him. She didn’t want to be a huge burden, so she suggested extending her stay to six months instead.

Mr. Kim, the president of Gyeoroo, gives Eun-ho the task of recruiting the talented book designer Ji Seo-jun. They hope his appealing and clean book designs will increase their sales. Gyeoroo announces that they are looking for a title for the blurb they’re advertising. A blurb is a short promotional piece that accompanies a book. Dan-i mentions wanting to come up with a title for the blurb to Director Go Yu-seon. She was told to just stick to her job. Even so, Dan-i was very optimistic that if she came up with something miraculous, Ms. Go would have to accept her proposal. Dan-i approaches Ms. Go with her ideas and was met with a response suitable to those from an ice queen. She received an earful for having an outdated writing style, told that she’s wasting her time, and had her papers dropped onto the floor. This just motivated Dan-i, and she started studying to learn current trends for writing. She shows her new ideas to Eun-ho and Song Hae-rin which were positively viewed.

Ms. Go shares the title for the blurb that Dan-i came up with during a meeting and everyone applauded the idea. Eun-ho and Hae-rin were waiting for Ms. Go to mention Dan-i, but she never did. When Dan-i asks Hae-rin if getting credit stolen for your work is common, she pretends she didn’t know that Blurb was Dan-i’s. Hae-rin later tells Dan-i that this is a place of work and she needs to stop thinking things are unfair. Dan-i in return explains that she’s just disappointed in someone for not comforting her and taking her side.

Eun-ho and Dan-i spend the night at home drinking soju together. Eun-ho asks her if she can survive working at Gyeoroo if it’ll take a long time before she gets any recognition. She explains that it’s just nice being able to hear her name called again at work. She’s gone so long without anyone ever needing to say her actual name. After getting drunk, Eun-ho gets into a taxi and heads to Dan-i’s old house by accident. He reminisces about all the times he’s been drunk and stood outside her home because he missed her so much. He’s heard her laughing, arguing, and sometimes even crying. When he arrives back to his house, Dan-i is standing outside waiting for him asking where he went. He walks over and hugs her tightly as he realizes he no longer needs to go looking for her when he’s drunk because she lives at his house now.