Wednesday 3:30 PM Episode 9 Recap

Wednesday 3:30 PM Episode 9 Recap
Wednesday 3:30 PM Yoon Jae-won and Gong Na-yeon leaning on him

While Gong Na-yeon and Yoon Jae-won were walking, she saw Seon Eun-woo looking and purposely held his arm. Na-yeon tells their employees that they're going to live happily together making coffee as she leans her head onto Jae-won's shoulder. She even volunteers to go with Jae-won for a coffee catering event. He's off guard by how forward she's being. She tells him that she told herself if she makes it through surgery she won't hold back anymore.

Wednesday 3:30 PM Seon Eun-woo looking at Yoon Jae-won
Wednesday 3:30 PM Yoon Jae-won and Gong Na-yeon catering

Seon Eun-woo was setting up at her company event when she notices Jae-won and Na-yeon setting up coffee. She didn't know that he'd be there catering for the same event. Jae-won starts to introduce them but Eun-woo gets called away. Baek Seung-gyu takes this opportunity to invite Jae-won and Na-yeon to dinner so they can all officially meet. Seung-gyu announces that they plan to get married soon. Na-yeon congratulates them before saying she hopes to be the last woman in Jae-won's life. The whole time Eun-woo and Jae-won are both uncomfortable and quiet as the other two chat away. Na-yeon says she's jealous of Eun-woo for being a cool career woman with a fairytale boyfriend and cute little brother.

Wednesday 3:30 PM Yoon Jae-won, Seon Eun-woo, Baek Seung-gyu, and Gong Na-yeon at dinner

Back in Seung-gyu's car Eun-woo questions his motive for making that dinner appointment without her knowledge. He said he wanted to surprise her because thanks to that friend they were able to get back together. In Jae-won's car, Na-yeon continues full speed ahead by asking him to bathe with her in a plastic tub. She reminds him that she's no longer holding back. He laughs and tells her to postpone that since her health isn't great. It made him remember all the jokes he had with Eun-woo about bathing in plastic tubs.

Later that night Eun-woo starts feeling jealous of Na-yeon and Jae-won's relationship as she sits at home sipping on a beer. Jae-won sits in front of a mart alone as he recalls Seung-gyu mentioning marriage. He scoffs to himself stating that it hasn't even been that long since they got back together, Eun-woo must be so happy.

Wednesday 3:30 PM Baek Seung-gyu as bear giving Seon Eun-woo necklace
Wednesday 3:30 PM Baek Seung-gyu and Seon Eun-woo on Wednesday at 3:30 PM

On Wednesday Eun-woo gets a Wednesday 3:30 PM Project text with a location. She can't believe it and rushes to the location to find someone in a bear costume holding a balloon. She approaches the bear with a giant smile on her face as he gives her a necklace. The bear takes off the head of the costume to reveal Seung-gyu and her facial expression changes instantly. He tries to put the necklace on her but she stops him. She rejects the gift and tells him she was disappointed when the person in the costume turned out to be him. Seung-gyu points out that Jae-won already has someone and that he will wait until she changes her heart. Eun-woo tells him her heart doesn't stay with him and this time she'll throw him away. She takes off her ring and hands it back to him. They should've stayed finished.

Wednesday 3:30 PM Seon Eun-woo and Baek Seung-gyu in bear suit
Wednesday 3:30 PM Baek Seung-gyu putting necklace on Seon Eun-woo

Eun-woo parts ways with Seung-gyu and is walking when her heel gets stuck. She stops to pull her foot out and checks her ankle that might've been sprained. The water fountains start spraying upward and she gets soaked. Jae-won appears out of nowhere and picks her up into his arms.

Wednesday 3:30 PM Yoon Jae-won carrying Seon Eun-woo in his arms