Wednesday 3:30 PM Episode 8 Recap

Wednesday 3:30 PM Episode 8 Recap

Yoon Jae-won calls Seon Eun-woo to let her know he has something to tell her. Eun-woo excitedly gets ready and puts on makeup while she waits for him. Jae-won starts running towards her house but stops in his tracks when Gong Na-yeon appears in front of him. She tells Jae-won that there was a chance she wasn't going to come back. There was never a training and she went to Seoul for surgery for a tumor on her head. She was able to survive and come back to him.

Wednesday 3:30 PM Seon Eun-woo and Yoon Jae-won standing at the house

Eun-woo continues anxiously waiting for Jae-won curious about how determined his voice sounded when he called. Suddenly he texts her to let her know he doesn't think he'll be able to make it but will call her later. She stands in her yard waiting for him to show up anyway. Jae-won eventually goes to Eun-woo's house but just stands outside staring at the gate before leaving.

Wednesday 3:30 PM Baek Seung-gyu drinking alcohol at the club

Na-yeon brings Jae-won to go shopping with her for a new wardrobe since she gave away all of her clothes before the surgery. They go and have a meal together before he drives her home. During this time, Huchu the dog is sick and Eun-woo starts worrying as she runs to the vet. She debates on calling Seung-gyu or Jae-won but decides to call Seung-gyu. He doesn't pick up because he's out at the club drinking and doesn't notice her call. She calls Jae-won instead and he urgently leaves Na-yeon to go to Eun-woo. Na-yeon starts wondering if there's someone else Jae-won would rather be with now. Jae-won reaches Eun-woo in time to comfort her and find out that Huchu got to the vet in time. Jae-won falls asleep on her couch and he doesn't know how scared she was before he got there. Seung-gyu finally calls her back to say he missed her call cause of work so she just told him it was nothing.

Wednesday 3:30 PM Yoon Jae-won dropping off Gong Na-yeon
Wednesday 3:30 PM Seon Eun-woo and Yoon Jae-won hugging at the vet

The next day Eun-woo brought the pair of shoes she never got to gift Jae-won. She was walking towards the coffee shop when she sees Jae-won walking with a girl that has her arms hooked into his. She immediately stops walking and hides the bag behind her back.

Wednesday 3:30 PM Seon Eun-woo seeing Yoon Jae-won and Gong Na-yeon together
Wednesday 3:30 PM Yoon Jae-won and Gong Na-yeon hooking arms