W Episode 6 Recap

W Episode 6 Recap

Oh Yeon-joo finally arrives at her dad's house finding him surrounded by paramedics as they rush him to the hospital. While she's at the hospital she reads the recently submitted comic that shows Kang Cheol leaving her a letter. At that moment, a nurse hands her a letter that says, "To the main character who became a murderer while looking for a murderer, there couldn't be a more suitable ending." She immediately goes back to reading the comic to see what he's planning to do next. The comic shows Kang Cheol jumping off the Han River Bridge with the text saying the end.

Oh Seong-moo wakes up in the hospital and all evidence from the crime scene including the bullet vanishes. The case is determined to be a suicide attempt due to stress. While he's recovering, fans were outraged by W's ending where Kang Cheol commits suicide. There were petitions for the author to change the ending and even producers were requesting to revive the character for the sake of the movie that was supposed to be made.

Oh Yeon-joo struggled to move past what happened to Kang Cheol. She had so many questions regarding what happens in the world of W now that it ended. Is he stuck in that final scene or do all the characters move on outside of the storyline? She's filled with sadness wondering if Kang Cheol's corpse was found by his friends for a proper funeral or if he's just forever alone somewhere. Seong-moo tells her there's a reason he can't draw anymore and a reason why he won't. There was a moment where he tried to save Kang Cheol by erasing the final scene, but it couldn't be edited. He knows that Kang Cheol is a skilled shooter and wouldn't have missed if he was actually trying to kill him. At the same time, his daughter is the female lead and he won't risk her going back into the comic world.

After two months pass by, things seem to have gone back to normal. One day, Yeon-joo answers the phone in the restroom and the call ends abruptly. Suddenly, she's underwater and sees Kang Cheol floating in the near distance. She tries to swim there to save him, but she couldn't reach him. And just like that, she's back in the restroom completely drenched in water. The comics final scene changes on its own from 'the end' to 'to be continued.' Yeon-joo realizes that the comic ending just meant time had stopped in W and that she could still save Kang Cheol now that it changed. Yeon-joo convinces her dad's assistant to help her continue the storyline since she feels guilty for Kang Cheol's death. Also, it's unfair that Kang Cheol died thinking he was a murderer when her dad is alive. The assistant tells Yeon-joo that he's unable to alter the comic, but she's the real creator of Kang Cheol from when she was a kid. Her dad just combined all her stories to create W. Since she was one of the creators, she might be able to alter the ending.

Kang Cheol wakes up panicked as he looks around what seems to be his room. Yeon-joo is transported back into W where she last disappeared in the prison visiting room. Realizing that she was back and altering the comic worked, she's left with a smile on her face.