W Episode 14 Recap

W Episode 14 Recap

Assemblyman Han Cheol-ho arrives at the scene of the shootout to see culprit Han Sang-hoon dead. Using gloves he gets rid of Sang-hoon's cellphone. He notices a pool of blood on the floor inside of the warehouse where Yeon-joo once laid lifeless. Back at the hospital, doctors give Kang Cheol horrible news about his wife. Although the surgery went well, they had to perform CPR on her for 30 minutes because hemorrhaging caused her to go into cardiac arrest. She's now in a brain dead state and there's nothing they can do to help. Kang Cheol hears the police coming to question him about his wife's injury so he transports both of them into W.

With the culprit dead, Oh Seong-moo's face finally returns to him and he has control over his body. He notices that the tablet was fully destroyed and the hammer used to do it was in his hand. The culprit forced him to do that to ensure no one can ever change the drawings again. Kang Cheol comes back to the real world to tell Seong-moo that he moved Yeon-joo to W because the doctors here already determined there was no hope for her. In W he was able to keep her at the hospital there before moving her back to the penthouse so that personal physicians can keep an eye on her around the clock. However, after a week of staying by her side, she only opened her eyes and looked at him once before passing away.

Seong-moo couldn't handle the tragic news about his daughter dying and gets hospitalized for mixing alcohol with medicine. He starts going mentally crazy as the memories from the culprit blended in with his. He remembers all of the culprit's actions as if they were his own. The guilt from shooting his daughter and the mass shooting at the broadcasting station caused him to want to kill himself. He heads to the hospital rooftop where he attempts to climb over the ledge, but Kang Cheol grabs him in time. Kang Cheol encourages him to recover so that he can save his daughter. He explains that he purposely brought her back into W because if she passes away there she's not gone for good and they can try to edit the drawings. The culprit must have hid a copy of the tablet somewhere in case he needed access to it.

With new hope, Kang Cheol and Seong-moo work together to try to find a copy of the tablet in the comic. Seong-moo recalls from his memory the culprit put the tablet in the trunk of the car the night of the shootout. Kang Cheol transports to the scene of the accident, but the trunk of the car is empty. He heads to Assemblyman Han's office suspecting he must have taken it. While searching for the tablet he gets injected in the back of the neck and goes unconscious. When he wakes up, he finds himself tied to a chair in a basement. Assemblyman Han shows Kang Cheol the power of the tablet and its ability to create weapons and medicine. He bombards him with questions while beating him with a metal pipe. Kang Cheol convinces him to bring the tablet to the hospital to meet the creator Oh Seong-moo and all of his questions will be answered. He tells him that the tablet needs to get there to revive his dead wife that culprit Sang-hoon killed and that the creator can make anything happen through his drawings.

Assemblyman Han leaves Kang Cheol beaten and on the verge of dying as he heads to the hospital. He sends his guards to the penthouse to confirm that Kang Cheol's dead wife is there to test the credibility of his story. When he arrives at the hospital in the given room, Kang Cheol summons him into the real world. At that moment Assemblyman Han transports into Oh Seong-moo's hospital room while still carrying the tablet. Seong-moo and his assistant forcefully grab the tablet from him before he gets hit on the head and transports back to W. Seong-moo starts drawing and Yeon-joo gets revived in front of Seo Do-Yoon's eyes. She gets pulled back into the real world and reads the comic to find out what happened to her husband. The comic leaves off with Assemblyman Han beating Kang Cheol with the metal pipe. Everyone anxiously waits for the new comic to upload itself so they can know what happens to Kang Cheol and try to find him.