W Episode 13 Recap

W Episode 13 Recap

Kang Cheol and Oh Yeon-joo continue to carry out their plan to create a happy ending in W. Kang Cheol leaves behind a letter that doubles as his will on his fake corpse for Seo Do-yoon to find. He writes to his close friend that "murder without context, a mass shooting without a purpose, and a falsified voice recording is how I die. Meaninglessly in vain. Check the phone records between Assemblyman Han Cheol-ho and the culprit, they must be connected. Figure out their relationship, I feel wronged." Do-yoon is fully aware that Kang is faking his death and helps him continue trying to catch the bad guys.

The culprit of the mass shooting is finally identified as Han Sang-hoon. Assemblyman Han starts getting anxious because he knows there are phone records of their conversations. On top of that, the captured Sang-hoon keeps requesting to speak to him during police interrogation. Kang Cheol and Yeon-joo wait as their plan unfolds. The predicament they left Assemblyman Han in should force him to kill culprit Sang-hoon and that should return Oh Seong-moo's face.

While they wait for the characters in W to take action, Kang Cheol and Yeon-joo get to experience normal dating life in the real world. Kang Cheol finally meets her mom and aunt. They go on coffee dates and he even spends some time with Seong-moo even though he's not back to himself yet. Yeon-joo still needs to add more drawings to the comic to finish it up for good. She needs to leave evidence of the falsified audio file in Assemblyman Han's office to ensure he stays in prison. Kang Cheol decided that he's going to put all of his assets into creating a foundation to help solve crimes and entrust it to Seo Do-yoon.

Kang Cheol's ability to transport to W requires him to find the building that the cartoonist based his work on. He needed to get back to his penthouse in W to meet with Seo Do-yoon so he headed to the hotel that was used as the model for the drawing. While driving to that hotel, he drives past Yoon So-hee leaving the lobby. She seems to have recognized him as well, but vanished before he could get to her. He calls Yeon-joo to make sure he's still in the real world because So-hee can't be here. He transports into W and meets with Seo Do-yoon in his penthouse. That's when Do-yoon tells him that he needs to be more careful because So-hee said she spotted him in a car driving by outside the front of the hotel. At that moment, Do-yoon receives a call that culprit Sang-hoon managed to escape the interrogation room by disappearing somehow. Kang Cheol rushes to transport back out of W thinking the worst of things since he couldn't reach Yeon-joo.

One second Culprit Sang-hoon was in W in the interrogation room yelling and the next he's out front of the police station in the real world. He heads straight to Seong-moo's home and runs into Yeon-joo. She thought her dad was back but realized it was the culprit and her dad was still there faceless. He controls Seong-moo's body and has him draw a getaway car and cellphone for him in W. Sang-hoon takes Yeon-joo hostage and transports both of them into W to find her husband. He claims he read all the W comics and figured out how to transport back and forth just like Kang Cheol. With the cellphone, he calls Assemblyman Han demanding a hideout address and letting him know Kang Cheol is still alive. They head to the address provided and Sang-hoon tells Yeon-joo he's been waiting for this moment for a long time. It wasn't worth killing her because Kang Cheol didn't remember who she was, but now that he remembers, it'll make an impact. He'll be able to serve his purpose by killing Kang Cheol's family. Yeon-joo tries to run but gets shot in the back. This causes the scene to end and transports Kang Cheol out of W.

Kang Cheol is reading the comic and sees Yeon-joo get shot. He transports directly into Assemblyman Han's office in W to beat the hideout's location out of him. Assemblyman Han is shocked that Kang Cheol is alive, but hands over the address. Kang Cheol speeds to the hideout knowing that Yeon-joo's in critical condition. He sees Sang-hoon in a car and they drive their cars head-on into each other. They both pull out their guns and start firing nonstop at each other. Kang Cheol lands a critical shot and continues to empty his gun. He runs out of the car and into the warehouse looking for Yeon-joo. There's a pool of blood on the floor where she was, but no sign of her anywhere. He gets transported back out of W to a random construction site. A construction worker found her lying on the ground injured and had the paramedics take her to the nearest hospital. Kang Cheol gets driven to the hospital by the police at the scene to find his wife. He gets there and sees her body lifeless as doctors are trying to shock her back to life.