The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 2 Recap

The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 2 Recap
The King: Eternal Monarch King Lee Gon and Lieutenant Jung Tae-eul

We last left off with King Lee Gon entering into a parallel universe and meeting his savior Lieutenant Jung Tae-eul. He goes and happily hugs her, glad that she existed somewhere even if it's a different universe. She pushes him off of her calling his story about a different universe bullshit. She asks him for his ID, but he tells her he doesn't have one. However, he informs her that he is the King of Corea and crossed the dimension with lightning and thunder while chasing a suspicious person. Lieutenant Jung arrests him and his white horse Maximus.

The King: Eternal Monarch King Lee Gon in jail and Lieutenant Jung Tae-eul at police station

Once they get to the police station, Lieutenant Jung checks all of his items including his watch and wallet. She sees 100 thousand won bills that don't exist and confiscates them in case they're involved in crimes or fraud. Since he's unwilling to cooperate, she does a fingerprint scan on him and places him in the holding cell while they wait for the results. While in the holding cell, he sees a Social Service worker that looks exactly like Captain Jo Yeong except his name was Jo Eun-sup. King Lee Gon calls for Yeong thinking it was him, but soon realized it wasn't. Eun-sup is chatty and animated, opposite from the person he knows.

The King: Eternal Monarch King Lee Gon and Lieutenant Jung Tae-eul with Jo Eun-sup

The results come back for King Lee Gon's fingerprints and he's not in the system. Lieutenant Jung refuses to give up so she forces a swab test on him. She pretended to listen to his whole story about being a King and parallel universes just to catch him off guard. She lets him go but asks for contact information for when the DNA results come back. He tells her that he'll be staying at a five-star hotel by her. King Lee Gon pulls a button off his coat and asks her where the nearest jewelry store was located. She accompanies him saying that if those buttons are diamonds then she must be Princess Diana. Sure enough, the diamond buttons are flawless and he sells them to pay for his hotel room and shopping. Lieutenant Jung is confused and can't help but wonder if they're stolen.

The King: Eternal Monarch King Lee Gon and Lieutenant Jung Tae-eul at police station swab

Eun-sup receives a collect call from King Lee Gon. After 13 attempts he agrees to meet with him and they go shopping before heading back to his suite. Eun-sup wanted to know why he brought him there but didn't mind after he was told half the shopping bags were for him. King Lee Gon asks him for a photo of him as a child, so he can see if this was truly a parallel world. Eun-sup as a child looked just like Captain Jo Yeong when he was young, also their fathers matched too.

While they were catching up, Lieutenant Jung sends Eun-sup threatening texts after finding Maximus, the seventh-grade official white horse in her yard. Neighbors ask her who the owner is because only rich people have such nice horses. She heads straight to the hotel he's staying at and leaves a note for King Lee Gon that she's going to sell his horse in ten minutes. He meets her in the lobby asking if she can lend just a bit of her lawn until he goes back to his world. She agrees to it only because animals are innocent, but threatens to sell his horse if he gets into any trouble.

After calling her nonstop all day with various phones, she finds him at the library and they go get fried chicken for dinner. He spent his day studying the history of the Republic of Korea and going to a history museum. King Lee Gon tells Lieutenant Jung that he usually doesn't eat anything without someone testing it first because he could be poisoned anytime. However, if he dies here, his last words are to thank her for everything because she existed somewhere he was less lonely for 25 years.

King Lee Gon remembers back to the night his father was killed by his uncle. He heard the sound of the Manpasikjeok flute loudly and followed it to the location of the massacre. The Court Lady that has always been by his side had hidden half of the flute in a whip she always carries. She hid it to one day give back to King Lee Gon when he was ready despite her fears. The strange thing was that the flute that's silent made a sound and the badge owner that cannot be identified exists. The King and Court Lady both agreed to secrecy.

In the universe of Corea, Captain Jo Yeong is working nonstop to find King Lee Gon. He contacts the police regarding the suspect wearing the rabbit hoodie. They inform him that they don't know the woman's face, but other criminals call her Luna. She's being monitored for various crimes like theft and assault.

The King: Eternal Monarch Captain Jo Yeong The Unbreakable Sword

Captain Jo Yeong reaches out to Myeong Seung-a regarding photos that she took at the Rowing Cup competition. He was looking to possibly spot something that could lead him in the right direction to find King Lee Gon. She happily hands her the camera, completely starstruck. However, embarrassment quickly takes over as she realizes a majority of the pictures were closeups of Captain Jo Yeong. He notices but leaves his email on a napkin so she can send the photos to him anyway in case there's something. As his biggest fangirl, she holds the napkin up to her face smiling from ear to ear. She's also currently in the final round of interviews for a job at the Royal Public Affairs Office.

In the Republic of Korea, King Lee Gon has officially run out of diamond buttons to sell. He's struggling to afford a milk tea at this point. While sitting next to Maximus in Lieutenant Jung's yard, he overhears her cop partner Kang Shin-jae calling her to come down. King Lee Gon questions the man about his relationship with Lieutenant Jung although it's their first time meeting. Shin-jae takes a picture of him as a mugshot just in case and tells him next time he won't be so kind.

The King: Eternal Monarch King Lee Gon and Kang Shin-jae talking about Lieutenant Jung Tae-eul

Lieutenant Jung remembers back to April 2006 when her father's Taekwondo school was struggling to collect fees. She comes up with a "brilliant idea" to try and get high school male students to sign up for the class by looking pretty in her Taekwondo uniform. She sat on her front windowsill where students walked past on their way home from school. Between flipping her hair nonstop and trying to look cute, no one seemed to pay much attention. However, her plan ended up working on one boy, Kang Shin-jae, who signed up for class. They've been close friends ever since.

The King: Eternal Monarch Lieutenant Jung Tae-eul and Kang Shin-jae practicing Taekwondo
The King: Eternal Monarch Lieutenant Jung Tae-eul and Kang Shin-jae working together

Lieutenant Jung walks past King Lee Gon to go meet Shin-jae and Eun-sup for dinner. However, she feels guilty and walks back to ask King Lee Gon if he's just going to stand out there all night. He tells her it upsets him that she's the only person he knows in this world and that she would leave him like that. She rubs her face in disbelief as she asks him how he knows her because she doesn't know him. He tells her he acquired her ID card 25 years ago so the person he's looking for is somehow related to her. She tells him that 25 years ago she was only 5 years old so it couldn't have been her. The ID card he obtained back then was issued on November 11, 2019, for some reason, and he's waited for this day to come. She tells him to stop his delusions and go back to his family because they must be worried. King Lee Gon responds that he is single and will give her the position where she'll be forced to know him. He's decided to stay in this world and make her his Queen.

The King: Eternal Monarch King Lee Gon and Lieutenant Jung Tae-eul declaring his Queen