Crash Landing on You Episode 14 Recap

Crash Landing on You Episode 14 Recap

Ri Jeong-hyeok gets Yoon Se-ri to the hospital after she was shot by Cho Cheol-gang. The gunshot caused tension pneumothorax and hemothorax, so a chest tube insertion was needed before they can remove the bullet. Jeong-hyeok stayed in the background at all times as Se-ri's family and assistants visited. He wasn't able to enter her room but caught glimpses of her lying there whenever someone opened the door to leave.

The police questioned Jeong-hyeok regarding the incident with Se-ri. He asks them if another person shot arrived at the hospital or if they searched nearby abandoned medical facilities for the man. The middleman Mr. Oh hid Cheol-gang in an abandoned medical center where a house call doctor removed the bullet for him. He saved Cheol-gang to make sure he gets the remainder of his money owed.

Se-ri's second brother Yoon Se-hyeong and his wife continue with their evil plan to cover things up. They push to fire Jeong-hyeok since he was at the scene of the crime. They tell Se-ri's assistant to fire him since he looks suspicious and they can't trust him. They want to hire their bodyguard for her. With that, Jeong-hyeok is forced to stay outside of the hospital now.

Se-ri opens her eyes as the oldest brother Yoon Se-jun and his wife make a huge fuss that she's awake. However, Se-hyeong and his wife are looking extremely uncomfortable at the sight of her being okay. Jeong-hyeok receives a call from Se-ri asking how he could leave without her permission and to come back now. He runs back into her room as they both look at each other crying. He lectures her for having no fear and how could she jump in front of a bullet like that. She tells him that he's done the same for her when it came to jumping in front of bullets. Instead of staying mad, he goes into her held open arms for a hug.

The rest of the rescue team men arrive as they try to run to hug her. Captain Ri stops them in their tracks and only allowed them to give her handshakes. He claims her condition isn't well so she can't hug, although they just saw him hugging her a moment ago. Oddly, they knew Se-ri was awake without Captain Ri telling them.

Master Sergeant Pyo Chi-su, First Lieutenant Park Kwang-beom, Private First Class Geum Eun-dong, Staff Sergeant Kim Ju-meok, and Jeong Man-bok were sitting outside of the hospital waiting for Se-ri to wake up. Man-bok decided to tap Se-ri's room while she was unconscious in case something bad happened to her. He snuck his way into the VIP room by pretending to be a custodian and attached the device under her bed. He let the other men know so they wouldn't be so worried. They've been listening in on all of the doctor's updates alongside Se-hyeong and his wife's conversations. Man-bok handed over a tape recording he felt she should hear.

Se-ri listens to the recording after everyone leaves. It was her mother talking about the day she first met Se-ri when she was only a month old. Although Se-ri loved her unconditionally, she's never accepted the love. She mentions the day she woke young Se-ri up in the middle of the night to go watch the sunrise with just the two of them. Se-ri was so excited to go on a trip with just the two of them for the first time. But her mother just abandons her daughter and she passes out waiting alone. She came back after realizing what she had done, but Se-ri wasn't there anymore. She blamed Se-ri for her life being hell and tormented herself by hating someone that loved her so much. She begs Se-ri to come back one more time and she'll tell her she's sorry. Se-ri cries clenching onto the recorder as she listens to her mother's pleas. A teary Jeong-hyeok stands outside the room door as he hears everything.

Se-hyeong tries to enter Se-ri's hospital room but gets stopped by Jeong-hyeok. He tells his bodyguards to get rid of him. Jeong-hyeok beats up the two guards and grabs Se-hyeong as he tries to push through. He tells Se-hyeong that her family has been prohibited from entering the room as an order from Se-ri.

Seo Dan and Gu Seung-jun meet at night on a bridge where she reminds him that the State Security Department is looking for him. However, he's more concerned about her and how she's feeling. He tells her that he's attractive regardless of her hairstyle, even without makeup she's a goddess, and when she saved him she was so charismatic. He confesses that she drives him crazy when she cries and makes him want to be a better man. She pulls him in for a kiss and he returns the favor.

In North Korea, Jeong-hyeok's father, Director of the General Political Bureau, received word that none of the six men got onto the national track team bus. He has to come up with a plan since the Military Director seems to be connected to Cheol-gang. Cheol-gang sends the Military Director information regarding Ri Jeong-hyeok following him to South Korea. There's evidence and he'll be back with Yoon Se-ri soon so that the Military Director can takeover Director Ri's position.

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) has been following leads on Se-ri's case. They're connecting that the two men that entered through the tunnel at the cave might be related to the shooting. They go and speak to Se-ri's father about the attempted kidnapping that took place in her underground parking garage. They found it odd that Se-ri would request for all the footage to be deleted. However, they were able to find some dashcams that caught the man from that night. They cross-checked the photos with North Korea's Investigation and Intelligence squads and discovered it was the guy who infiltrated through the tunnel. The photo was of Cheol-gang.

Se-ri's mother requests to have coffee with Jeong-hyeok. The other five members of the rescue team listen in on their conversation from behind a wall. They're expecting her to be difficult and like mothers from dramas where they throw water at people's faces or give them money to disappear. Instead, she wants Jeong-hyeok to stay by Se-ri's side since she can't be in her corner. She gives him her business card in case they need her help with anything. Jeong-hyeok tells her that Se-ri would also like it if she's there for her as well.

Se-ri's father, Chairman Yoon, and a NIS member visits her at the hospital to talk about the case. They want to know if she knows the culprit. She asks if knowing the culprit would help catch him. Se-ri contacts the rest of her family to join them in her hospital room. She wanted to share a recording that will solve the shooting incident.

The recording is of Se-hyeong and his wife talking while Se-ri was still unconscious. They talk about Cho Cheol-gang's involvement and how they're worried she might wake up again. They try to ease each other's worries by mentioning it's all untraceable since they paid him in cash and their call histories are clean. There's no evidence.

Chairman Yoon disowns his son and removes him from anything Queens Group related. Se-hyeong tries to blame everything on his wife. Then he gets ridiculous and blames his father for not letting him take over the company sooner. Their mother stands up and slaps him. The NIS and police are working together to solve this case and asks for Se-hyeong and his wife's cooperation.

The Military Director goes to the Director of the General Political Bureau's home to show him photos of Jeong-hyeok. He asks if he knew his son was in Seoul and threatens him with the information. The Military Director says he'll let everything go if Director Ri agrees to retire. Director Ri smiles as he responds that he sent his son to South Korea. It was all a part of the plan to bring a wealthy woman to North Korea to help the economic blockade. This was all a classified operation at the Reconnaissance General Bureau. Director Ri tells the Military Director that Captain Ri will be returning in a week and he can question him more then.

Se-hyeong's wife refuses to quit and finds out from Cheol-gang that Jeong-hyeok is from North Korea. She goes and reports this information to the NIS person. As a backup plan, Cheol-gang sends some men to kidnap Man-bok's son to use as leverage against him. They claimed to be from Pyongyang where Man-bok was in a car accident.

Captain Ri informs the rescue team that he'll be going somewhere so they need to stay by Se-ri's side no matter what happens. If he's late, they need to return to North Korea to their families without him. The NIS tracks Captain Ri's taxi as they prepare for a possible shootout amongst North Korean's elite soldiers. Their goal is to arrest them, but if they can't then killing them during combat is allowed.

Jeong-hyeok notices the NIS cars tailing him, but continues with his plan anyway. He arrives at the address he was given and sees Mr. Oh driving away when he spots him. Jeong-hyeok enters the building to find Cheol-gang alone. With a gun aimed at Cheol-gang, he tells him that he's not the only one willing to risk it all. Suddenly, blinding lights brighten up the room as a microphone tells them to drop their weapons. Cheol-gang tells him the universe is finally on his side because someone like Jeong-hyeok would've never been able to shoot him. With red lasers from guns covering them, Jeong-hyeok hesitates on his next move. Despite the dangerous situation they're in, Cheol-gang reaches for his gun and turns to shoot Jeong-hyeok.