My Country: The New Age Episode 8 Recap

My Country:  The New Age Episode 8 Recap

The My Country recap for October 26, 2019 features a new Crown Prince, poisonous arrows, and the quickest betrayal leading to a Prince's death.

Nam Jeon confronts Seo Hwi about shooting the arrow carrying the note from 400 steps away since there are only two people skilled enough, Hwi and the King. Hwi admits to it but mentions that Bang-won gave the order. Hwi tells Nam Jeon not to doubt him since he still has Hwi’s sister held hostage.

Han Hui-jae discovers that Seo Yeon might still be alive and held at Nam Seon-ho’s home. She visits him but soon realizes that Yeon doesn’t recognize her. Hui-jae slaps Seon-ho and confronts him about keeping Yeon hostage to control Hwi. Seon-ho continues lying to himself that he’s doing it to protect her. Yeon overhears their whole conversation from back in her room.

Hwi and his three allies (Park Chi-do, Jung-beom, and Park Moon-bok) capture the man that witnessed Nam Jeon betraying his unit in the past. Hui-jae recognizes the witness as the man that killed her mother. She holds a sword pointed down at him as he begs for mercy claiming that Nam Jeon ordered him to kill her mother. She stabs the floor near his head instead and lets Hwi take the man as a prisoner. Hui-jae later tells Hwi although she’s pictured killing the man that killed her mother in her mind hundreds of times, she couldn’t do it. She leans in to hug Hwi as she tells him she’s now living in his world and wants them to share their burden to be together,

Seon-ho approaches the King to tell him he knows the location of the secret letter. Seon-ho tells the King that Bang-won has it and that he should install the Crown Prince before the secret letter is leaked. He advises the King to use the letter to keep Nam Jeon under his thumb and to exile Bang-won to outside of Gaegyeong. Seon-ho also offers to serve the King right by his side and protect the throne. The King agrees but says the deal will be broken if the letter gets disclosed.

The King announces that his youngest son, Prince Uian will serve as the Crown Prince and that everyone needs to disband their private armies. Bang-won was told he’s been promoted to commander down south. Bang-won confronts the King afterward stating that he will not take a single step outside of Gaegyeong. The Queen meets with Nam Jeon to see how he will take care of Bang-won. She wants him dead now that her son is the Crown Prince.

Bang-won captures Hwi for making him look like an enemy. Hwi explains that this is all a part of a game he setup. Hwi reassures Bang-won that neither of them can coexist with Nam Jeon and that their best option is to get rid of him. Hwi encourages Bang-won to attend the Crown Prince celebrations so that he can witness Hwi’s plans unravel first hand. They join Nam Jeon for the celebratory event at Ihwaru. The men happily eating and drinking mock Bang-won for losing his opportunity at becoming Crown Prince. Hwi asks Bang-won if he should kill Nam Jeon and stepped onto the dining table, with his sword drawn. As he swings his blade straight for Nam Jeon’s throat, Bang-won stops him. With the room in high alert, a guard rushed in telling everyone to quickly come outside. There were posters everywhere disclosing the secret letter about Nam Jeon being a traitor and calling for his execution. Hwi lets Bang-won know about his plan with the secret letter and captured witness, to which Bang-won responds “count me in.”

Nam Jeon summons for Hwi privately. He asks Hwi if he was planning to kill him earlier, but Hwi said he knew Bang-won would stop him. Nam Jeon says that the King will learn about the posters by daybreak and that Hwi has to kill Bang-won before then. He provides him with poison to dip his arrow into to ensure Bang-won’s death. Nam Jeon set up guards to storm Bang-won’s residence once he’s declared dead.

Around the same time, Bang-won learns that Hwi has a sister that’s currently held hostage by Nam Jeon. He can’t seem to figure out Hwi’s real motive. They end up discovering Hwi’s hideout with all of his plans. From the looks of it, the documents all seemed to point at killing Bang-won. Bang-won sends an order to kill Hwi regardless of what he was planning. Hwi fights his way into Bang-won’s home killing everyone that gets into his way. Hwi looks directly at Bang-won telling him he’s there to kill him. We’re left with one arrow pierced through Bang-won’s heart and a second one headed directly towards his body.