My Country: The New Age Episode 9 Recap

My Country: The New Age Episode 9 Recap

The My Country recap for November 1, 2019 features a double backstabbing twist, reunited siblings, and a sweet dream that ended too soon.

Seo Hwi enters Bang-won’s home and announces he’s there to kill him. Hwi Shoots Bang-won with two arrows leaving him on the brink of death. One hitting him in the heart and a second one through his stomach. Bang-won’s men enter the room soon after and strike Hwi before capturing him. Nam Seon-ho arrived at the scene in hopes of stopping Hwi before he could carry out his suicide mission. Both friends are held captive together as Nam Jeon storm Bang-won’s home. Nam Jeon goes to see Bang-won for himself. The physician informs him that he barely has a pulse and that the poison has already spread. Nam Jeon chokes Bang-won as he mentions his plans of getting the Crown Prince under his thumb and having all the power. As he leaves Bang-won barely breathing, he heads over to the chambers where Seon-ho and Hwi are held. He removes Seon-ho from the room leaving just Hwi left. He commends Hwi’s ability to bark well and drops a knife in front of him. Like Hwi’s father died to save his children, Hwi should also die to save his sister. Hwi asks Nam Jeon if this is also what he did to his father in the past, but Nam Jeon responds with “would you believe me if I said I didn’t.” Hwi requests one last time for Nam Jeon to keep his promise about keeping Yeon safe before stabbing himself. Nam Jeon leaves with plans to tell the King that a private soldier revolted and killed Bang-won.

As Hwi lies there on the floor with a knife through his chest, Bang-won walks up to him. It turns out that Hwi was working with Bang-won all along. Both men had body armor to minimize the pain. There’s a quick flashback to Bang-won finding Hwi’s hideout. Hwi brings Bang-won to talk to the witness about the secret letter and informs him that he had to wait for Nam Jeon to order the assassination of Bang-won before he could move forward with his plan.

Seo Yeon regains her memory and begs Seon-ho to save her brother, Hwi. Seon-ho warns her not to tell anyone about gaining her memory back. Yeon wants to kill herself to set Hwi free but accidentally cuts Seon-ho instead. Believing that Hwi is dead, he suggests that the two of them should escape together in the morning when Nam Jeon leaves to announce Bang-won’s death to the King. Seon-ho and Seo Yeon set off together to escape Nam Jeon the next morning. They run into guards and Seon-ho tries his best to fend them off. They get surrounded and Yeon offers to just go with them. Just in time, Hwi’s allies appear to rescue them and bring Yeon back to Hwi. Seon-ho gets emotional as he realizes that Hwi is still alive.

The Queen meets with Hui-jae to tell her that with the support she can become the head of Ihwaru. After she becomes the head person, she needs to hand over everything to the Queen. Hui-jae, in turn, told the Queen that Ihwaru belongs to no one and does not choose sides during war. With the Queen's hand now shown, Hui-jae accepts Madam Seol's (owner of Ihwaru) original offer of becoming her successor.

During the official ceremony for the Crown Prince, Bang-won appears late in his bloody outfit from the night before. Nam Jeon looks as if he just saw a ghost. Bang-won informs the King that Nam Jeon tried to kill him. The King requests for evidence for such a high claim. The official secret letter is presented to the King with the stamp from Ihwaru. As additional proof, Hwi enters the room continuing Nam Jeon’s shocked expression. Hwi kneels before the King and informs him that Nam Jeon had his sister held hostage so he found a way to keep Bang-won and Yeon alive. Nam Jeon’s only refute is that although the letter is real, it does not tell the full story. Bang-won uses this opportunity to request the King's reconsideration for disbanding private armies since his life was at risk right after that law was passed.

Hwi runs home after saying his farewells to Bang-won. All of his friends and Hui-jae were waiting outside for him as he approached his home. He enters the house and sees Yeon for the first time since she’s regained her memories. She nags him for old times' sake and thanks him for not changing. They all celebrate happily with a big meal together. Hwi and Hui-jae wander off on their own and lovingly share a kiss as they enjoy this rare sweet dream of a moment.

The King interrogates Nam Jeon outside in the courtyard. Nam Jeon is beaten and tied up as the King demands answers. Eventually, he smirks as he tells the King that the orders came directly from the Queen. The Queen and King have a conversation regarding Nam Jeon. She admits to wanting to kill Bang-won because as a mother she will do anything to protect her child (Crown Prince). The King tells her not to be absurd because Bang-won is still his son. She warns him that if he kills Nam Jeon, Bang-won’s sword will head straight for her, the Crown Prince, then the King himself. The King faces a large dilemma as he tries to choose between his son, Bang-won or the Queen’s wishes. The King visits Nam Jeon at the prison to allow him to keep his position, but he must stay away from the Queen and Crown Prince. Also, he must stop standing against Bang-won.

With Nam Jeon back to his normal self, he tells Seon-ho that Hwi and his sister will die for what they’ve done to him. Seon-ho rushes to warn Hwi, but soldiers appear as they started trying to flee. Seon-ho and Hwi fight side by side as Yeon and the others try to escape. As Yeon happily runs towards Hwi after all the soldiers are taken down, another soldier appears and tries to strike Yeon. Hwi shoots down two soldiers, but his injury prevented him from being able to shoot the third arrow. Yeon gets stabbed by a soldier's sword as Hwi yells in agony.