My Country: The New Age Episode 7 Recap

My Country: The New Age Episode 7 Recap

The My Country recap for October 25, 2019, features the grasshopper surpassing the master, memory recovery, and a new traitor.

Seon-ho draws his sword and approaches Seo Hwi. He tells Hwi that he can protect him from Yi Bang-won if he turns in the person that ordered the assassination of General Jung. Knowing that Bang-won ordered the assassination, Hwi told Seon-ho that he'll protect himself without his help. Hwi's ability to keep his mouth shut and everyone's interest in him earns Bang-won's mercy.  However, he threatened that if any blood comes his way, he'll kill Hwi and his three allies.

Seon-ho and some guards push their way through Bang-won to get to his weapon storage to confiscate everything. He wanted to show the King proof that Bang-won was stocking up on weapons and building his army when the King was trying to abolish private armies. When Seon-ho opened the storage, it was empty. Earlier that day, Hwi and his allies already cleared out the weapons and handed it over to the King to make Bang-won look like hes cooperating. He explained to Bang-won that those weapons were weak and old, so there was no benefit in keeping them.

Since Seon-ho returned empty-handed, his actions were seen as an abuse of power and he was punished for his actions. After being beaten, he gets locked up in prison. He was removed from his position and his father (Nam Jeon) was demoted from 6th to 9th rank. During his rage, Nam Jeon locks up Seo Yeon for her brother's actions. Seon-ho blames Hwi for ruining his family and orchestrating that plan without consulting him first.

Yeon slowly starts to regain her memories and escapes captivity. Hwi finds her panicked sitting in front of their home where she hit her head before losing her memory. She still can't remember who Hwi is and runs off scared. He tells her to return to her new home, but don't let anyone know where she went.

Hwi starts working on a new plan to get the King to lose trust in Nam Jeon by bringing up an incident from the past. Bang-won thinks that someone is trying to frame him and Nam Jeon thinks someone is trying to get him killed. Nam Jeon releases Seon-ho from prison, claiming they can only survive if they work together. Hwi puts up posters on Nam Jeon's door announcing that he was a traitor that once made a pact to kill General Yi Seoung-gye 12 years ago and covered it up by killing his unit.