My Country: The New Age Episode 6 Recap

My Country: The New Age Episode 6 Recap

The My Country recap for October 19, 2019, features the King's new puppet, the long-awaited back hug, and a plan to befriend a Prince.

Seo Hwi tells Hui-jae that he's erased her from his mind and has never thought about her once during their time apart. She doesn't believe him, but thanks him for staying alive before they part ways.

Seon-ho continues to impress the King by telling him General Jung should be killed and that the plan is already set in motion. He ensures that he will always know what the King wants and will take action accordingly without the King getting his hands dirty.

Hui-jae finds Hwi's hideout and confronts him about his feelings. Also, mentions that his hideout isn't that great because if she can find him so can Yi Bang-won. As Hwi continues his distant act, Hui-jae notices the headband she gave him long ago attached to his bow. At that moment she knew for sure he's been lying and runs to give him a back hug. She swears that she'll continue to follow him and meet him wherever it is he needs to go.

Hwi devises a plan to run into Bang-won while hunting. He grabs his attention by showing off his fighting and archery skills. Park Chi-do does a fake assassination attempt so Hwi could pretend to protect Bang-won. However, the plan fails when Bang-won questions why a skilled "hunter" would miss his shot at the culprit. Hwi gets captured and dragged back to Bang-won's place, where he's questioned about his true identity. Just as Hwi's about to get killed, Nam Seon-ho appears through the doors.