Crash Landing on You Episode 7 Recap

Crash Landing on You Episode 7 Recap

With Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok unconscious, Se-ri demands the key from Kwang-beom since he can't drive with a leg injury. With Jeong-hyeok severely injured, she heads to the nearest hospital instead of the airport. Kwang-beom tries to convince her to just go to the airport because she won't have another chance to leave, but she refuses to let Jeong-hyeok possibly die in the car.

They get to the hospital in time for surgery, but he'll need blood. Se-ri stays back to give him blood since they are both type O instead of leaving for the airport. The national track teams end up leaving without her. At the airport Gu Seung-jun and the assistant wait for her to arrive to stop her from leaving. Since she doesn't show, the assistant compliments Lieutenant Commander Cho Cheol-gang for probably stopping her already.

With Kwang-beom receiving treatment for his leg, Se-ri is left alone waiting for news on Captain Ri's surgery. While holding his belongings, something drops out of his pocket. It's a copy of her passport picture. She cries remembering back how arrogant he was being about not wanting a memento, but he kept one anyway.

The doctors come out of the operating room with the good news that the surgery went well. However, because he lost a lot of blood they still need to be careful of tetanus and blood poisoning. She stays by his side waiting for him to regain consciousness. This is the first time in her life she's had to worry about someone else. Now she's scared something might happen to him and wonders if he's a special person to her.

There's a flashback of the day Jeong-hyeok received the news about his brother's death. He was playing the piano at a large concert hall when someone gave him the news after. He packs all of his things including his piano as he waits by the docks to get picked up. A little girl sees the piano and asks him to play for her. He nods yes, but says it may be the last time he plays. He plays the song he wrote for his brother and a large crowd gathers to listen.

Jeong-hyeok opens his eyes and asks her why she's still here. He angrily moves her away from him asking if she missed the flight. She tells him that she couldn't. He lectures her on how many people risked their lives and how much effort they had to put to give her that opportunity to leave on that flight. He demands an answer for how much more she plans to trouble them. Se-ri responds that he needs to rest and she doesn't want to upset him so she'll leave for now. If he wants to get mad at her, do it when he's recovered.

The doctors go in to check on Jeong-hyeok. They let him know that luckily his girlfriend had the same blood type otherwise he would've been in trouble. They laughed as they told him she was crying so much they told her she would faint if she didn't stop. He walks outside to see her standing there crying. She yells at him for being crazy and getting out of bed. He apologizes for being harsh and she accepts his apology for making it out alive. Jeong-hyeok tells her not to misunderstand before leaning in and passionately kissing her outside in the cold.

Lieutenant Commander Cho gets the weapon log list and connects that it must've been Captain Ri that shot at his men. He uses all of his resources to try to track him down assuming he must be at a hospital after getting injured. Seung-jun gets word that Lieutenant Commander Cho lost Se-ri after the truck corpse accident. Seung-jun finally understands that everyone is trying to kill her to keep her from returning to South Korea.

Seung-jun goes to Captain Ri's house hoping to find Se-ri. While waiting for him, Seo Dan arrives and they decide to sit in his car to wait together. Seung-jun invites her to go get some noodles since they're waiting anyway. He asks her how she met her fiance before learning it's an arranged marriage. He tells her their relationship has no romance because there's no surprise to it. The wedding date is already set so there are no butterflies. He explained that he was in an arranged marriage, but didn't have feelings for her until it was called off.

Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok try to figure out where they land in their relationship after the kiss from the previous night. Master Sergeant Pyo Chi-su, Staff Sergeant Kim Ju-meok, and Private First Class Geun Eun-dong all arrive at the hospital to check on their two comrades plus Se-ri. Captain Ri fakes sleeping to avoid them because he's ashamed to see them. He purposely didn't dodge the bullet because Se-ri would've gotten shot.

Lieutenant Commander Cho gets word that Captain Ri is at the Sariwon hospital. Se-ri goes outside to use the payphone to call Seung-jun. She asks him if he reached her rather yet. He tells her they should talk in person and heads to the hospital to get her. As she's standing there she sees Lieutenant Commander Cho enter the hospital with a large group of soldiers.

Lieutenant Commander Cho shows Captain Ri the weapon log book and questions him about all the weapons he checked out. He tells him that the same weapons were used to attack the soldiers of the Engineer Brigade near Sariwon. He asks, "What do you think that means?" Captain Ri responds that it means he first the shots. To protect his woman, he shot people who purposely tried to cause a car accident. He keeps referring to Se-ri as a spy when Captain Ri counters with what makes him certain she's a spy. Captain Ri asks him if he heard that from Chief Three of the United Front Department. If that's the case, he broke the law by requesting information on Division 11 agents without following proper protocol. Captain Ri stumbled across this information from Seo Dan's uncle, the General. Lieutenant Commander Cho gets irritated and tries to arrest him, but Jeong-hyeok's father enters the room.

Jeong-hyeok's father yells at him for the trouble he's causing. He wants to know what he's scheming especially after asking for his favor with the national team. People will use anything to bring him down. His mother intervenes that they need to be thankful their son is alive and not yell at him right now. Seo Dan and her mother arrive to check on him. In the room, Seo Dan notices a heart that Se-ri sewed onto his jacket.

After all the parents leave, Seo Dan asks Jeong-hyeok about who's been here taking care of him. He tells her that he's never meant to fool her, but he likes another woman. Because of that, he can't go through with marrying her. She tells him that he's never fooled her, he's deluding himself because she's leaving soon. He only thinks he has feelings for her because she's leaving. Seo Dan tells him that this changes nothing and they will still get married regardless of how he feels.

Seung-jun picks up Se-ri and takes her to his fancy mansion. He tells her that he sent a message to his friend that's abroad and her family is over the moon she's alive. She calls him out on his lie because he said her brothers were happy as well. He tells her they're looking for a way to get her back and that they postponed the shareholder's meeting.

The shareholders meeting was still taking place and her father announced that they've officially completed registering her death. With that, her face was all over the news and the country finally learns that she's been missing and now dead. The second brother, Yoon Se-hyeong takes over the company successfully.

Se-ri tries to make a call to Jeong-hyeok so that he doesn't wonder where she went. Seung-jun tells her that she doesn't need that man anymore because she has him now.  Se-ri should just stay with him until she leaves North Korea. She's only being cruel to that man and might get him killed. One day, she'll leave him behind while he'll be stuck here for the rest of his life.

On his way to look for Se-ri, Seo Dan stops Jeong-hyeok in the hallway. She shows him an illegal magazine clipping and asks if the woman in the photo is the woman he likes. He confirms that it is and that she'll be leaving soon. Seo Dan asks if he's willing to lose everything if he gets caught for her. Is he willing to die just to like her?

During the episode end credits, it shows Se-ri playing a song on the piano for her date. She's asked many music experts if they knew the song, but no one did. A few years back she was in Switzerland. She was on a boat looking at the beautiful scenery as she planned to end her life. Just then, she heard this melody that gave her solace and made her want to live. She saw a man playing the piano on the dock from a distance.