Crash Landing on You Episode 6 Recap

Crash Landing on You Episode 6 Recap

Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok and Yoon Se-ri are in Pyongyang at the designated hotel to take Passport photos. Se-ri asks Jeong-hyeok to take a photo together so they can have a memento, but he declines because they shouldn't need to remember. However, he has the photographer print him an extra photo of her.

Captain Ri sees a man grab Se-ri into the elevator and stops the elevator door before it could close. He breaks the man's hold of Se-ri's arm before searching him for identification. Gu Seung-jun begs Se-ri to tell him they're acquaintances. Se-ri tells Seung-jun that Jeong-hyeok is her bodyguard. Se-ri asks him if he's heard anything about her, but he lies that he hasn't. They schedule to meet for coffee later that night and Seung-jun tips Jeong-hyeok for a job well done. Jeong-hyeok was not a fan of being called her bodyguard because he doesn't just follow her around protecting her. He's doing strict supervision almost like her superior. She tells him that's exactly what a bodyguard does.

Captain Ri asks Se-ri how she knows that man from earlier. She explains how being a daughter of a conglomerate means everything is business. Siblings fight until they get tired and wish to get rid of the competition. Her brothers wanted to marry her off and ship her to a different country so they had a better chance at the company. She tells him they must be thrilled that she's gone. Jeong-hyeok comforts her that they're still family and is worried about her. So don't say such ruthless things. Seo Dan receives a call from someone that recognizes her fiance at the hotel. She schedules a family dinner at that hotel and rushes there to confront Jeong-hyeok.

Se-ri tells Jeong-hyeok that she should meet Seung-jun for a favor to take her with him when he leaves. She mentions that them meeting like this in North Korea must be destiny. Jeong-hyeok mocks her for calling that destiny but claiming their meeting of her falling out of the sky, him finding her, then her appearing in front of his house a coincidence.

Seo Dan arrives at the hotel looking for Jeong-hyeok's room. She uses her high profile and influential backing to get access to which rooms he booked. Both Jeong-hyeok and Se-ri walk out of the same room when Seo Dan was standing outside. She tells him that she should be upset now that this has happened twice. Se-ri tries to jump in to explain there are two rooms, but Seo Dan tells her no one asked her. Se-ri excuses herself so they could talk. Jeong-hyeok apologizes for embarrassing her. Seo Dan informs him that because he put her on the spot she did the same. She lets him know that both their families will be having dinner together at the hotel tonight and asks if that's too difficult for him. He says no because he promised to cooperate with her and so he will. He asks if there's anything else he needs to do cause he will do it.

Seung-jun ends up getting captured by the men now led by Se-ri's second brother, Yoon Se-hyeong. He tells him over the phone that Se-ri's not dead and that he knows where his sister is located. He uses Se-ri as a negotiation chip to ensure he stays alive and doesn't need to return the full amount of money he stole. After the men leave him, Seo Dan goes up to the rooftop and sees Seung-jun standing there bleeding. He happily approaches her asking if she remembers him from before when he dropped her off. She shares that she's having problems with her fiance and he offers her some advice. He tells her to ignore the fiance now, and he won't ignore her later. In return, he talks about his love for money hurting him and she gives him advice for that.

Jeong-hyeok and Se-ri split up for the night as he meets his fiancee for a family dinner and she meets Seung-jun. He warns her to not be too trusting because a clumsy person like her should have her guard up. She tells Jeong-hyeok his "I'm in love and worried eyes" are dangerous and not to fall in love with her. She smiles to herself while he wonders why she's talking nonsense.

Seung-jun tells Se-ri that he's in North Korea for business. She asks him about the money he conned her brother and he claims it was just a misunderstanding that they cleared up. On the other side of the hotel, Seo Dan's mom continues her push at moving the wedding forward to Jeong-hyeok's parents. She rudely mentions that it's been 7 years since their son's death and that's a long time to put off a wedding. Jeong-hyeok's dad suggests holding the wedding ceremony on the last Saturday of next month. Seo Dan's mom excitedly starts planning and pops some champagne.

Seo Dan runs into Se-ri in the woman's restroom as she calls her out for being social or slutty. A woman that goes to a hotel with one man and has coffee with another. Seo Dan tells her the wedding date has just been chosen. Se-ri reluctantly congratulates her.

Seung-jun and Se-ri go for a walk. He leaves his phone on so that her second brother can hear its actually Se-ri. She tells him that she's there from an accident, but plans to return to Seoul soon. She asks him for a favor to tell her father she's alive and to move forward as planned before the shareholder's meeting. He lets her know not to worry.

After sending his parents off, Jeong-hyeok spots Seung-jun and Se-ri walking across the street before disappearing. She gives Seung-jun a mobile number to reach her. Jeong-hyeok signals that she should go with him now. He wasn't mad that she gave out his number but is mad because she didn't stay in his sight. He can't protect her if she doesn't stay in his sight, and if she's in his sight she'll be safe.

They go for fried chicken and beer. The power goes out just long enough for the room to be filled with lit candles. As the lights turn back on, snow starts falling outside their window. She tells Jeong-hyeok that if you watch the first snowfall with someone, your love will be fulfilled. She says in Seoul the network crashes because everyone is trying to set up dates with their crushes during the first snowfall. It's too bad they're not supposed to work. While they're looking out the window drinking, she leans her head on his broad shoulders. He starts to move her head, but she asks him to just put up with her for a bit longer. Her head is heavy because there's a lot on her mind.

Yoon Se-hyeong, the second brother, tells Manager Oh that he doesn't want Se-ri home safely. They want her to stay there forever. They're going to pay heavily as long as she never comes back. The assistant updates Seung-jun on the situation that all of the money he stole will be forgiven as long as they all keep Se-ri in North Korea. Seung-jun meets with Lieutenant Commander Cho to keep Se-ri protected in North Korea with him. Lieutenant Commander Cho finds out that Se-ri has a rich background and tells Seung-ju that she's planning to leave this Thursday. Seung-ju tells him that they must stop her. Lieutenant Commander Cho tells wiretapper Man-bok that he'll be able to kill two birds with one stone. Getting rid of her and making money by keeping her from returning to South Korea.

Se-ri plans a picnic day with Company Five before she's set to leave again. Captain Ri wasn't able to join them, but the others made sure she got a proper farewell. They brought a pig to make pork roast but she didn't want to kill him cause they already met eyes. Instead, the guys went fishing and caught a bunch of fish to cook over the fire. Master Sergeant Pyo even read a poem he wrote for her out loud. Se-ri, in turn, sings them a song. Captain Ri appears in the distance in time to hear her sing.

Jeong-hyeok sends her off in a car with First Lieutenant Park Kwang-beom. Before leaving she tells him she'll think of him often. He offers her a handshake as he reminds her to live a happy life and just pretend this was all a nightmare. She asked for a hug since it'll be their last time seeing each other, but he doesn't move. Man-bok listens to their whole farewell as he cries knowing he's about to put her in danger. He makes a phone call to confirm that she has just left.

First Lieutenant Park Kwang-beom and Yoon Se-ri were on their way to Sunan International Airport when two armored trucks with the special front grills try to run them over. Just then, someone on a motorcycle appears and opens fire on the truck. They exchange shots while First Lieutenant Park tries to swerve out of the way to escape. One of the trucks heads straight at their car and their doors were jammed shut so they couldn't escape. They notice the motorcyclist, is no other than Captain Ri Jeong-gyeok. He releases his bike directly at the trucks grill before shooting it to cause an explosion. When he turns to check on Se-ri, one of the men tries to shoot her and he shields her with his body. First Lieutenant Park tries to shoot back but gets shot in the leg before he has the chance. With all of his effort, Captain Ri lands one shot on the man before going unconscious from his wound.

Captain Ri informed First Lieutenant Park about their two-layer protection plan before the incident. He wasn't at the picnic because he needed to prepare the motorcycle with the best specs and load up on weapons. They needed to plan for the worst-case scenario. He made a promise to her that as long as she's in his sight he will protect her no matter what.