Crash Landing on You Episode 8 Recap

Crash Landing on You Episode 8 Recap

Seo Dan stops Ri Jeong-hyeok in the hallway of the hospital. She wants to know what a South Korean woman is doing here. She asks if he's okay knowing that Se-ri might get him killed. He responds that no one wants to die, but he failed to protect someone he cared the most for and ended up losing them. This time he must get her back home safely regardless of what happens to him. Seo Dan tells him that she'll do anything to protect her fiance and warns him not to do anything he'll regret.

Back at Gu Seung-jun's house, he's working to guilt-trip Se-ri into staying with him. Jeong-hyeok got shot for her and soldiers barged in earlier today for him because of her. He tells her that if she's grateful or sorry to that man it'll be best for her to disappear instead of putting him in more danger.

Seung-jun contacts Jeong-hyeok to tell him to give up his search for Se-ri because that's what she wants. She's comfortable and happy staying with him. Jeong-hyeok asks for their location or to hear her voice to make sure she's okay, but the phone hangs up.

Crash Landing on You Gu Seung-jun and Seo Dan talking episode 8

Seo Dan meets with Seung-jun to ask him if he knew Se-ri's real identity. He says he knows her very well. Seo Dan informs him that she'll be reporting Se-ri and is not afraid if her fiance gets in trouble or dies. Seung-jun stops her from leaving and insists they put their personal feelings aside about wanting to separate those two. They should calm down and think rationally.

Jeong-hyeok calls in for a favor at the Janam Area Electrical Substation. He searches for a secret villa that might need special power lines in case the electricity goes out. They determine that it's most likely in the woods at number 30. Jeong-hyeok walks through the woods trying to find the secret villa. Still recovering from his injury he wanders around in the snow until night time before finally finding the mansion. He notices a bunch of security circling the home as he looks for a way to enter.

Inside the home, Seung-jun set up an extravagant meal for Christmas Eve. Everything from her favorite dishes to the only wine she would have. Se-ri couldn't help but remember all the times she's eaten and drank things with Jeong-hyeok that she would have never in the past. Suddenly, the fancy wine in front of her tasted bitter and she didn't feel like drinking. Seung-jun tells her that although they can't have a wedding, they should still do things right. He proposes to her and puts a ring on her finger. Although she has feelings for someone else, it was just fake because she had no one else to lean on. Now they can get married and she can lean on him.

Crash Landing on You Gu Seung-jun proposing to Yoon Se-ri episode 8

Jeong-hyeok shuts the electricity off. He fights off all of the security guards as he tries to get past them. Se-ri sees him and tries to run outside to him. Seung-jun reminds her that they won't be able to work no matter what and there are only consequences to face. He uses his final card letting her know that Seo Dan has figured everything out and knows her real identity. She's going to expose Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok will die here.

Crash Landing on You Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok and Yoon Se-ri in the snow episode 8

Se-ri walks outside to Jeong-hyeok after he's taken down all of the guards. She yells at him for coming out in the freezing cold when he should be resting. He tells her he figured she'd be waiting for him. Se-ri harshly criticizes Jeong-hyeok's failed attempts to help her and that she's going to register her marriage with Seung-jun to leave North Korea. She tells him she's sick of this place and that he's making her uncomfortable by coming for her. Jeong-hyeok steps closer to her as he asks if she means it. With tears rolling down her cheeks she says she means it. As he wipes her tears away, he tells her he understands and leaves.

Crash Landing on You Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok and Yoon Se-ri outside talking episode 8
Crash Landing on You Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok wiping Yoon Se-ri's tears episode 8
Crash Landing on You Yoon Se-ri crying episode 8

Standing in the cold and crying, it drove her crazy that he might collapse in the snow. She takes the car and drives into the snowy night searching for Jeong-hyeok. She sees him walking in the snow and runs out to him. She grabs his sleeve and tells him to get into the car for now. He pulls her in to hold her tightly. She tries to stay strong and insists that they'll separate after she drops him off safely. The car Se-ri takes runs out of gas in the middle of a snowstorm. They find a flashlight and walk arms around each other to a nearby school.

Crash Landing on You Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok and Yoon Se-ri walking in the snow episode 8

Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok start a fire inside the school to stay warm. Se-ri asks about his first love to which he doesn't respond. She tells him that's not surprising because he seems like he's the forever single type of guy. They laugh and smile chatting away even though they know they'll be facing many obstacles in the days to come.

Crash Landing on You Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok leaning on Yoon Se-ri episode 8

While sleeping, Jeong-hyeok remembers the day he left for school in Switzerland. He spent his competition prize money on an expensive watch for his brother, Ri Moo-hyeok. He wanted to give him a watch that works without needing sunlight because he heard the trees at the post are thick and block the sun. His brother was thankful and sent him on his way.

Lieutenant Commander Cho meets with Military Director of the Central Committee in hopes that he'll have enough power to go against the Director of the General Political Bureau (Captain Ri's father). The Military Director of the Central Committee is the rising sun that's waiting for the Director of the General Political Bureau to go down.

Wiretapper Jeong Man-bok gets a call from Lieutenant Commander Cho ordering him to let him know immediately if Jeong-hyeok and the woman return home. Man-bok sits outside smoking as he asks his wife if she remembers Captain Ri Moo-hyeok. She smiles and says, of course, he was very good to their family. Man-bok tells her that he was the one that let him die back then and he doesn't think he'll be able to live with himself if something happened to his younger brother Jeong-hyeok. He let the man who treated him like a human being die and has to stay loyal to the man who doesn't treat him like a human being.

Seung-jun contact Seo Dan to let her know this situation is going to be more difficult than they thought. There's currently a snowstorm so he can't go out looking for them. Now it's her turn to make a move. Seo Dan goes to Jeong-hyeok's parent's house to speak with his father.

Lieutenant Commander Cho goes to Seung-jun's house and beats him asking where the South Korean went. He's no longer interested in Seung-jun's money and should just kill him because people in South Korea already think he's dead anyway. He needs to find Se-ri because he wants power.

Seo Dan's mother meets with Company Five at Captain Ri's house to try to dig up dirt on her daughter's relationship. She realizes that Master Sergeant Pyo would be the easiest to trick so she gets him drunk. Company Five is completely dumbfounded by Master Sergeant Pyo. He told Seo Dan's mother everything and even tells her to write things down. He doesn't remember a single thing and claims it's because he was tortured with alcohol. First Lieutenant Park side-eyes him as he responds it's because she saw him as the easiest target among the four of them.

Crash Landing on You Master Sergeant Pyo and Seo Dan's mother at Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok's house episode 8

Seo Dan's mother is hungover from the previous night. She knows that she heard everything shocking about Jeong-hyeok but can't seem to remember a single thing. She had some notes written on her arm but couldn't connect the dots. Something about swallow from the South, meat dishes, and hair smells like flowers. She tells Seo Dan that her only concern is her daughter's happiness. Seo Dan tells her not to worry because she's going to marry him and live happily ever after.

It's Christmas Day, Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok make it back to his house. Man-bok is listening in crying as he decides to lie to Lieutenant Commander Cho that no one has returned home yet. Se-ri goes back to the pawnshop to sell the diamond ring that Seung-jun gave her. She gets a gift for Jeong-hyeok and for all of her girlfriends from the town.

Se-ri's assistant and insurance person continues to try to prove she's still alive. They bring the voice recording of Se-ri into the police station but get told that her brother and his wife already rejected the file. The insurance person doesn't understand why her family doesn't want to find her. The assistant explains that in a conglomerate family the siblings don't get alone and her mother isn't actually her real mom. They come up with a plan to meet her father, but the second brother convinces his father that they're lying.

Crash Landing on You Yoon Se-ri decorating the Christmas tree

Jeong-hyeok wakes up to a Christmas tree in the living room with handmade ornaments. He walks outside when a call from an unknown number comes through. Se-ri tells him on the phone that she's leaving now and that she's going back to Seung-jun as planned. She apologizes for not getting to say goodbye but that they've said it many times before. Jeong-hyeok tells her they need to say it again and to tell him where she is so he can go to her. She tells him to have a good wedding, a happy family, and to forget about their time together. She's sitting in the back of a moving vehicle with two men holding guns forcing her to make the call. Jeong-hyeok is running outside trying to find her when she tells him, "I love you." Before the phone call ends, he hears a gunshot. Tears fall down from his face as he tries to register what's happening.

Crash Landing on You Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok on the phone with Yoon Se-ri episode 8