Crash Landing on You Episode 3 Recap

Crash Landing on You Episode 3 Recap

Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok arrives in time to make up a background story for Yoon Se-ri. He informs Lieutenant Commander Cho Cheol-gang and the town that she's his fiancee. They were requesting for a resident card and entry pass so Captain Ri tells them she's from South Korea belonging to Division 11. Special agents from Division 11 complete missions in the South and any information regarding their identity is strictly confidential. They end up spending the night together in separate rooms but talking to each other through the walls.

Lieutenant Commander Cho tells his personal wiretapper Jeong Man-bok that Ri Moo-hyeok's brother is located at the outpost. Turns out Ri Jeong-hyeok is the younger brother and he's extremely quick-witted so they need to be cautious. Man-bok mentions a new directional microphone they can set up outside Jeong-hyeok's home to hear everything that's said inside. They find the story about the Division 11 fiancee suspicious and plan to use her to destroy his whole family. After Lieutenant Commander Cho leaves, Man-bok thinks back to the time he wiretapped Moo-hyeok's car. Moo-hyeok was happily talking to his comrade about his piano genius brother. He was excited to hear the song his brother wrote for him and gushed that thinking about him always put him in a good mood. Man-bok was listening in and giving timing directions for the armored trucks to ram into their car killing Moo-hyeok. He tears up thinking about what he did and the secret he's had to keep.

Young Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok and brother Ri Moo-hyeok

Company Five nervously asks Captain Ri what happened with the random house search. They were concerned because he's so honest and never lies. They were shocked to hear that he lied so well. Staff Sergeant Kim Ju-meok even compared the incident to a South Korean drama. The man and woman would hug or kiss other to avert a crisis. He tells Captain Ri that after spending the night together they always fall in love in all dramas. Captain Ri starts getting bothered thinking about his current situation before grabbing Ju-meok's leg to stop him from showing off his drama knowledge.

They set up a plan for that night for a boat to take Se-ri back to South Korea. Captain Ri has the four guys continue working on housing repairs at his home as a cover for them to continue keeping an eye on Se-ri. The women of the town are too interested in her so they need to keep them away.

Man-bok hooks up the directional microphone right outside Captain Ri's house giving him perfect reception to everything they're saying. His only job now is to eavesdrop and note everything down. Ju-meok is always bugging Se-ri about the drama Stairway to Heaven's characters and plots. Man-bok is left confused about who all these people they're talking about and who's killing them.

Captain Ri heads to Guard Post 10 nearby where the latest car collision occurred with the grave robbers. He speaks to the head of the guard post and learns that three Kamaz trucks passed through Guard Post 10 that night. The only suspicious thing was that they were heavy trucks that could load ten tons each but they were all empty entering both ways which is a waste of oil. The trucks were all coming from the Engineer Department and it was hard to see but the armor attached to the front of the trucks weren't ordinary metal. They probably get attached just for special occasions. Captain Ri suggests not mentioning this to anyone else to avoid getting into any trouble.

Lieutenant Commander Cho goes to meet Gu Seung-jun at his luxurious house hideout in North Korea. He tells Seung-jun that he's a businessman in a military uniform and that he  gets paid to protect his customer, but can break contracts anytime. They both agree to keep it friendly as long as one stays safe and the other makes money.

Se-ri's second brother, Yoon Se-hyeong and his wife continue searching for Seung-jun to find their money. Se-ri's brothers meet with her father regarding the upcoming shareholders meeting. They're afraid of stock prices dropping and bad publicity when people hear the new heir is missing. They push for a new heir to be chosen and the second brother's wife even suggests taking over Se-ri's Choice as well since she's gone anyway.

Se-ri's insurance person reaches out to her assistant about not losing hope in finding her. He's done a bunch of research and have all types of notes about where she could be. The assistant tells him it's useless because even her family has given up on finding her.

With her final day in town, Se-ri decides to hold an award ceremony for her new Company Five friends. Master Sergeant Pyo Chi-su mocks her fake awards and prizes. However, he still gets sad thinking he doesn't get one. She gives him her leftover shampoos and body wash. Captain Ri, on the other hand, was jealous of First Lieutenant Park Kwang-beom getting the most handsome award while he didn't get one at all. All of the guys except Master Sergeant Pyo start to think about how they'll miss her when she leaves.

Captain Ri gets sulky and walks away before Se-ri shows him a tomato plant she planted for him in his yard. She traded the peddler half a sack of potatoes for it before Captain Ri tells her she was ripped off. She tells him one day he'll think of her while enjoying tomatoes. He lets her know that he doesn't like tomatoes and has no interest in keeping a plant. She tells him to just water it diligently and say ten nice things to it a day to keep it growing well.

Lieutenant Commander Cho calls Man-bok to get an update. Man-bok lets him know that the fiancee doesn't seem to be in the right mental state after he heard her talking to plants. There hasn't been any suspicious behavior, but she plans to go to Pyongyang tonight.

Captain Ri drives Se-ri to the dock location. In the car, she thanks him for everything and is sad she won't get to see him again. She's able to go to any country to visit, but just not this one. As they get to the boat, Captain Ri felt uneasy having her board by herself with the man. He changes up the plan and boards with her. Captain Ri consoles her that her family will be happy she returns, but she explains that they might just be flustered. They both finally share their full names as they say their final farewell.

Suddenly a bright light hits their boat and a siren goes off. Captain Ri and Se-ri drop down to the bottom deck to hide as they get pulled over by the Chief Coast Guard for not obeying the control order. The order was put into place because people have been smuggling out of the country. As they're about to lift the floor door to find them, Captain Ri remembers something about what South Koreans do in dramas during a crisis. He tells her not to be startled as she says to just do whatever it is. He tells her to look at him and nothing else as he leans in to kiss her right on the lips.