Crash Landing on You Episode 4 Recap

Crash Landing on You Episode 4 Recap

While Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok and Yoon Se-ri were on a small boat for the escape plan, the Chief Coast Guard pulls them over. With no other ideas, Captain Ri uses his only knowledge of South dramas to save them by kissing her. When the coast guards open the door they start making out as he yells at them to come out from there. Their boat driver explains that they were just trying to go night fishing, but these youngsters are trying to make kids as well. He lets them go but tells them to turn their boat around immediately. Unfortunately, the ship that Se-ri was supposed to get on could be seen in the nearby distance.

Captain Ri and Se-ri return to his house after their failed attempt of getting her back to South Korea. In the middle of the night, he walks outside to notice she's gone and a note left beyond. He runs after her finding her at the top of the mountain. She was going to attempt to fly back home with paragliding gear. Captain Ri explains that without the natural disaster she'll be shot the second she gets into the air for being an unidentified aircraft. He notices her walkie talkie on and knows the State Security Department will arrive in ten minutes because of the signal detection. Sure enough, the army jeeps could be seen in the near distance. They both run to the opposite side of the mountain as they jump off the ledge and float into the sky clung onto each other tightly.

Lieutenant Commander Cho Cheol-gang meets with his wiretapper Jeong Man-bok. They try to figure out why Jeong-hyeok and the South Korean woman never made it to Pyongyang. He gives Man-bok some spending money to buy his son something good to eat while reminding him to continue keeping an eye on the two of them.

Man-bok gets his wallet stolen at the market. Captain Ri sees the incident and runs after the pickpocket. The shop keeper comments that there's no way an officer can deal with that gang member alone. Captain Ri follows the guy into a gated area where more men with weapons were waiting. They were all discharged soldiers and kindly say they'll spare his life if he minds his own business. Captain Ri takes off his shoulder strap as he grips them in his hands as a weapon. He gets into a fight against four men with knives, beating them in every fashionable way possible. Luckily as one guy was about to stab him from behind, Man-bok appears and throws a brick at the guys head. Man-bok thanks him for helping get his wallet back and sadly watches him walk away. He can't help but feel guilty whenever he sees Captain Ri.

Company Five and Se-ri hangout while trying to come up with another plan to get her back home. Se-ri asks them if Captain Ri is a low rank and tries to figure out ways to get him promoted so he would have more power. They talk about how the Preferential Star can be earned, but Captain Ri is hated by superiors so it's unlikely he'll get it. After hearing that the Senior Colonel that gives out the star is obedient to his wife, Se-ri decides to befriend the wife who is the leader of the women in the town. She attends her birthday party and makes a great impression under her alias Choe Sam Suk.

On the way to the Repair Unit of Engineer Brigade, First Lieutenant Park Kwang-beom tells Captain Ri that Se-ri is at the birthday party trying to get him the Preferential Star. Captain Ri laughs that she must really think she's his fiancee or something. First Lieutenant Park corrects him that it's actually because it'd be easier for her to escape if he won. According to her, he's a low-rank nobody without any power. Captain Ri scoffs as he responds under his breath that it's not completely true that he has no power. The two of them try to find evidence of the secret truck unit. With First Lieutenant Park stalling, Captain Ri had enough time to grab some scraps of special metal.

Lieutenant Commander Cho meets with someone from the United Front Department to try to get more information on the woman from Division 11. The person tells him disclosing the identities of individuals under special protection is prohibited. Lieutenant Commander Cho's responds by saying that's why he's asking in private. Over the years there will only be a handful of individuals so he'll be able to come up with a list.

Captain Ri repeatedly bikes pass the house of the birthday party waiting for Se-ri to come out. He gives her a ride home on his bike. When they get back to his house Company Five is there waiting and they all enjoy clams and alcohol together on an outdoor flame. Captain Ri can't help but look over at her throughout the night smiling as they lock eyes from time to time.

Back in Seoul, Se-ri's family is gathered once again to discuss business. Her father chooses to hand the company over to the second son Yoon Se-hyeong. The two brothers start to argue like children with the oldest, Yoon Se-jun feeling wronged. They start to throw each other under the bus mentioning Se-hyeong's plans to get the tabloids involved about Se-ri being an illegitimate child or that they were all happy she was dead so they get another shot at the company. Their mom filled with guilt interjects that Se-ri still can return and that they shouldn't replace her yet.

Captain Ri goes out of his way to make Se-ri fresh poured coffee the next morning. In return, she sends him a finger heart. Company Five all work to try to figure out what that must mean. Staff Sergeant Kim Ju-meok laughs and tells them that it means she's giving her heart. Master Sergeant Pyo announces that it's not like Captain Ri is immoral and would do anything if he's engaged.

Se-ri's assistant and insurance person reach out to her family thinking that she might have gone to the North. Unfortunately, it was the second brother Se-hyeong and his wife that showed up for the meeting. They shut everything down and warn them that they'll sue them for groundless rumors if they don't drop it.

Captain Ri's fiancee Seo Dan happens to be back in North Korea. She decides to surprise him at his house, but her taxi runs out of gas on the way. Gu Seung-jun happens to be driving past her car and offers the pretty woman a ride. Seung-jun gets shut down during all of his advances when trying to make small talk.

Se-ri goes to the market with the women of the town. Once the electricity goes out they lose her in the dark and rush back to Captain Ri for help. He dashes off to find her as the women swoon. Se-ri stands frozen in the middle of the busy dark market. She has flashbacks of the time she was a girl standing in the dark alone counting. In the distance, she sees a light in the air above everyone's heads. She slowly walks towards the light. When she gets to the light, she sees Captain Ri holding a scented candle above his head. She smiles with tears in her eyes, thankful that he came to rescue her.