Crash Landing on You Episode 12 Recap

Crash Landing on You Episode 12 Recap

Yoon Se-ri was hiding in the security booth in the parking garage as Cho Cheol-gang was approaching. Before he could reach it, he hears a phone ringing and goes to locate the phone. That's when he spoke to Jeong-hyeok and it gave Se-ri time to move to a new hiding spot. By the time Cheol-gang gets back to check the booth, Se-ri already moved to the light control panel. Knowing that Jeong-hyeok's life was in danger with a gun aimed at him, she turns the lights off giving him enough time to get to her.

Since they can't report the incident from the night before, Se-ri contacts her staff to make sure it doesn't leak. She also makes sure her night shift security team is fully replaced and learns that Cheol-gang got a job at her company using a fake ID. Jeong-hyeok learns that Cheol-gang got a job at Se-ri's Choice through the security subcontractor and because he harbored criminals in the past he's receiving their help. Behind the scenes, Cheol-gang was still sending updates to the Director of the Central Committee. He sent word that Jeong-hyeok is in South Korea and that he'll soon bring Se-ri to North America to reveal everything.

Se-ri contacts the family doctor to make a house call for Jeong-hyeok's knife injury. She asks the doctor to keep it a secret, but immediately after leaving he tells the second brother, Yoon Se-hyeong that there's a man there. Her brother and sister-in-law try to figure out who the mystery man could be.

After the incident at the broker meetup place where Jeong-hyeok was attacked and injured, Se-ri decides to take matters into her own hands. She purchases that building and tells the tenants that some men fluent in Chinese and Korean attacked a handsome man in this building recently. They deny any knowledge of the incident, but she gives them an incentive to figure it out. The person that brings conclusive evidence of the men that did it won't have to pay monthly rent and maintenance fees from now on. Also, whoever finds Cheol-gang will be rewarded heavily and the sooner the bigger the reward.

Se-ri always pays back in full whether it's for kindness or revenge. She finds her insurance person after seeing numerous footage of him in her building trying to prove she was alive. She was so thankful that he wanted her back alive more than anyone. Conveniently he just got fired, so she offers him three times his salary and plenty of incentives to work for her.

Gu Seung-jun calls Seo Dan to let her know there's been no electricity all day so his phone is dying, it's cold, and he's sick. She debates going to check on him since he might be lying but decides to bring some food to cook for him. She doesn't know how to cook, but he still eats the salty porridge happily. Seung-jun opens up to Seo Dan about his past, a story that would make anyone shed tears.

Seung-jun's father was conned by someone he trusted and lost his company. They had to emigrate to the UK with barely any money so sometimes they had porridge and just salt. His father passed away shortly after that and his mother remarried so he ended up at a boarding school. The people that ruined his family's business was Se-ri's family and that's why he wanted revenge. He aimed to be their son-in-law to infiltrate the enemy's camp but failed because Se-ri was too smart. However, her brothers were not as smart especially the greedy second brother.

Seung-jun thought he would be happy getting revenge but realized he doesn't feel that great. Someone once told him that the best revenge is being happy so maybe he should just return the stolen money and live happily without stress. Seo Dan angrily asks who told him that. He needs to recover and go back to South Korea to take revenge on Se-ri's family for what they did. She believes that if someone makes her cry she should make them bleed in tears for true revenge. With that, she downs a bottle of liquor.

Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok spend the night talking over some soju at her home. After they got a bit drunk, Jeong-hyeok wanted to take the opportunity to tell her something hoping she won't remember the next day. He honestly tells her that he wants to stay with her to marry her and have kids together. She said she likes girls and he adds he likes twins. He would also like to play the piano again and she encourages him. She even offered to organize a piano concert for him at the Seoul Arts Center. He ends the conversation with wanting to see her grow old with grey hair and wrinkles. She tells him he's very attractive drunk and to promise not to drink with other women.

Seung-jun wakes up the next morning to see Seo Dan sleeping right next to him hugging the liquor bottle. He blocks the sun from her face thinking to himself how reckless she is for sleeping so soundly next to a conman.

While getting ready for a large grand opening event for Se-ri's Choice, Se-ri notices the watch Jeong-hyeok was wearing. It was the watch he gave his brother in the past. She tells him that's the watch she tried to give him but lost it when she got kidnapped. He smiles and tells her she saved him without knowing it.

Master Sergeant Pyo Chi-su, First Lieutenant Park Kwang-beom, Private First Class Geum Eun-dong, Staff Sergeant Kim Ju-meok, and Jeong Man-bok from the rescue team come up with a plan to see Se-ri at the grand opening event. They show up dressed in what they consider South Korean men apparel. They repeatedly ask sales employees to meet the chairwoman. They notice the security staff and run out of the building thinking they're being chased. Private First Class Geum Eun-dong happened to leave his shoes behind and a security member was just trying to return his shoes. While running barefoot, he falls and Jeong-hyeok happens to notice a familiar face from the distance.

The recuse team men gather outside at a nearby bench as Master Sergeant Pyo tries to give Private First Class Geum Eun-dong his shoes so he doesn't hurt his feet in the winter cold. Captain Ri shows up with his pair of shoes as they all cry and hug him. He calls Se-ri to let her know. They all hug her and tell her they miss her. During their group huddle, Captain Ri gets a little jealous and breaks it up. Se-ri meets Man-bok for the first time although he already knows plenty about her.

Se-ri brings everyone back to her home where they run around in amusement. They can't believe she lives in such a large house by herself. The running water, warm floors, and endless amounts of electricity is fascinating. They spend the night grilling meat and catching up like the good old days.

Man-bok updates Captain Ri separately on their mission to bring him back immediately as soon as the Military World Games end. Jeong-hyeok tells him that he can't leave until he catches Cheol-gang. Man-bok tries to convince him that Se-ri will be safe due to her high social status. She happens to overhear the whole conversation.

The next day Se-ri tries to hold back her emotions by convincing Jeong-hyeok that if he suddenly had to vanish from now on, she won't be startled or hurt. He kept his end of the deal by staying put while he was recovering from his injury but now that he's healed he's good to go. While Se-ri is away at work, Jeong-hyeok and the rescue team leave.

Se-ri's parents discuss her disappearance. The wife asks Se-ri's father why he didn't tell her that Se-ri was in North Korea. He doesn't deny that she might've used the information to hurt his daughter. She lets him know that their second son, Yoon Se-hyeong knew about her and tried to keep her there. Se-ri's father remembers back to when Se-ri's assistant and insurance person reached out to him with the recording of Se-ri's voice. Se-hyeong was there and convinced him that it was fabricated.

Se-ri's mother goes to Se-ri's office to talk to her. She informs her that she will not let what Se-hyeong did to her slide. Se-ri doesn't believe there are any good intentions behind it and she must be doing it to help the oldest son Se-jun. Se-ri reminds her of the day she tried to abandon her. She was just a little girl when her so-called mother brought her to the beach and told her to wait there in the cold night while she goes to buy drinks. Se-ri sat there alone counting trying to stay awake as her mother never returns. The next morning a family finds her unconscious and gets her help. Se-ri tells her that after that day, she didn't understand why she was created to make her mother's life a living hell and that it would've been better to not be born. Se-ri tells her not to visit her on her birthday anymore, it's the worst.

Se-hyeong and his wife meet with Manager Oh and Cheol-gang. Manager Oh tells the three of them that they all have similar goals regarding Se-ri. Cheol-gang shares that he needs to bring Se-ri back with him to North Korea before getting rid of her. Se-hyeong wants her gone but not dead so he storms out of the meeting because Cheol-gang is a dangerous man and he doesn't want to be involved. Unfortunately, his wife is pure evil and offers to give Cheol-gang money to get rid of Se-ri.

Se-ri returns home after a long day. Her house is empty and dark when she walks in the door. She realizes that they all left and starts to breakdown crying. As she thinks back on what she said to Jeong-hyeok that morning, the loneliness sets in. Suddenly, the lights turn on and the men appear with birthday hats, gifts, and a cake. She cries more from embarrassment and leaves the room.

Jeong-hyeok follows her apologizing for startling her on her birthday. She explains that she was just scared and now she'll forever remember this good day every year. Se-ri tells him not to come near her because she doesn't want him to see her face since it's a mess. He walks up and hugs her from behind. Jeong-hyeok reveals that every year from now on will be good because he'll be thinking of her, how the person he loves is still breathing, and grateful she was born into this world.