Crash Landing on You Episode 13 Recap

Crash Landing on You Episode 13 Recap

Yoon Se-ri confesses to Ri Jeong-hyeok that she was crying so much thinking he had left. He asks her if she plans to cry like that when he leaves because he doesn't want her crying alone. She announces that she's been vaccinated and won't cry again when he leaves. Se-ri tells him that she accidentally overheard his conversation with Jeong Man-bok so he should return to North Korea to prevent making it hard for his father. She wants him to believe in her cause she will use her status, people, and money to survive.

The rescue team men are back inside feeling sad for Se-ri. They realized that this was the first time they have ever seen her cry. Despite all her hardships in North Korea, they've never seen her shed a single tear. Master Sergeant Pyo Chi-su was feeling so flustered he even wished Captain Ri and Se-ri would just run away together.

Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok go back inside to join everyone in celebrating her birthday. They light the candles and sing her the North Korean birthday song. She instructs everyone to close their eyes to make a wish and they all blow out the candles together.

Later that night, Jeong-hyeok goes to Se-ri's room to give her a present. He's extremely nervous and tells her it has no meaning so she can pawn it if she doesn't like it. She pries his hand open to discover a ring. He got them couples' rings and slid her ring onto her ring finger. She tells him that she won't take it off for the rest of her life and she'll always remember him no matter what happens.

Seo Dan's mother shows up at their place near the town looking for her daughter. Gu Seung-jun opens the door and tries to charm her into not scolding her daughter too much. She goes into the room and hits Seo Dan awake before Seung-jun interrupts to ask them to have a meal. Her mother questions him about his family background and intentions. He explains that he has a one-sided crush on Seo Dan regardless of her being engaged to a man. Her confidence and grace that have been passed down from her mother make her strong. Seo Dan sits there listening quietly. Seo Dan's mother tells her daughter that she likes Seung-jun.

Jeong-hyeok corners the middleman Manager Oh (broker). He grabs him by the throat for sending men to attack him instead of showing up. He apologizes explaining that he helps connect people but is not loyal. While he was taking care of business, Se-ri gives the rescue team her black card to spend on anything they want that they can bring back to North Korea. She calls them fashion terrorists and suggests buying new clothes. They should buy everything they want to eat while they're out.

The second brother, Yoon Se-hyeong's wife takes a second attempt at taking over Se-ri's Choice. She holds a meeting and tries to tell the board members that Se-ri has faults they need to know about. Just then, her mother enters the meeting. She calls out her daughter-in-law for wanting to backstab Se-ri as soon as she comes back alive. The daughter-in-law responds that she's just trying to make Se-hyeong successful, so she'll be sad if she's made to look like a bitch. The mother responds that no mother would sacrifice her daughter to make her son successful. She shares that they're fully aware that she and Se-hyeong kept Se-ri from returning home.

Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok decide to play hooky for the day. They go to the movies, share laughter in the car, and take a nice walk over a tall bridge. Jeong-hyeok tells a story of a time he played hooky once before when he was in school. He went to a tall bridge to take pictures but saw someone that was thinking about jumping off. She was a woman that was his type. He continues the story that he asked her to take a picture for him. Se-ri cuts him off pouting that he doesn't need to give details. He adds that the woman asked him if she must take it at such a scary place. With trembling hands, she took the camera. The story sounds familiar as Se-ri asks him where this took place. He tells her Switzerland on the Sigriswil Panorama Bridge. The woman was very memorable to him and he always wondered how she was doing after that day because she was his type.

Jeong-hyeok hands Se-ri her audio recorder that happened to capture their interaction from that day in Switzerland. He was there with Seo Dan and Se-ri comments to herself that he could do better. Se-ri wonders how many times they've met throughout their lifetime. She was extremely happy hearing that story and knows that their hooky day will forever be cherished as one of the best moments in her life.

Se-ri and all the guys meet at a chicken and beer restaurant. They play drinking games and spend the night cheering for sports. Jeong Man-bok happens to step out for a cigarette when Cho Cheol-gang approaches him. He threatens his son's life and expects him to switch sides if he wants his family safe. Cheol-gang puts doubt in his mind saying that Captain Ri's father will just abandon him once they get back anyway, no one will protect him.

Man-bok sends a recording of Jeong-hyeok's plans to Cheol-gang. Knowing that the rescue team men will head to the bus to go home first and Jeong-hyeok plans to join them after, Cheol-gang sets a trap. He has Man-bok update him on their group's movement.

At the Yoon household, Se-ri's father is yelling at the second brother, Yoon Se-hyeong. He tells his son that he wasn't chosen as the new heir because he's competent, it's because he's the most incompetent. A total doormat to his wife and easily conned. He thought that if his son became aware of everything he lacked, he would ask for help regarding the family business. With that said, he'll be getting demoted soon. Of course, Se-hyeong's wife appears in time to try to speak on her husband's behalf. She shows the father pictures of Se-ri and Gu Seung-jun claiming they were hiding together in North Korea.

Se-hyeong calls Se-ri to come visit their parents since they're not doing well all because of her. Sitting next to him is Cheol-gang. Se-hyeong gives him the road map Se-ri takes and tells him that he doesn't care what happens to her as long as she's gone.

Mr. Oh schedules a meeting with Jeong-hyeok in a warehouse. Cheol-gang is there with henchman waiting for his arrival. As Jeong-hyeok enters the warehouse, there are more than twenty men ready to kill him. Cheol-gang tells him he knew he'd show up because he wasn't a coward that would run back to North Korea knowing he was still here. Jeong-hyeok charges the men to fight them head-on. He bulldozed through as many as he could while taking hits from pipes and bats.

On Se-ri's way to her parent's house, random construction workers put up roadblocks to stop other cars from taking that route. Three cars appear behind her and start trying to collide into her. After blocking her car, all the doors open up and more than ten men charge her car by foot with weapons. The rescue team come flying out of her car to fight the attackers. Being from the special forces they easily fight the attackers off while having lighthearted conversations with each other. They tell Se-ri that it's cold outside so she should wait in the car for a bit longer. Master Sergeant Pyo even checks on the youngest, Private First Class Geum Eun-dong to make sure he doesn't stunt his growth by overdoing it. Man-bok joins in the spirit by jumping onto one of the enemies backs to help out.

The night before, Jeong-hyeok saw Man-bok crying and asked him if he had something to tell him. This time, he made the right choice by telling him what's on his mind. He tells Jeong-hyeok that Cheol-gang approached him. They come up with a plan to create a recording of a fake plan to send Cheol-gang and figure out that Se-ri's brother Se-hyeong must be working with him.

Just in time to help out Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok, Se-ri and the rescue team arrive at the warehouse. A group of men run-up to her car to confirm that they won't need to pay rent for the next year in her building. She agrees to no rent for two years if they help out. All the gathered men run through the warehouse doors to team up with Captain Ri as he goes against Cheol-gang. Cheol-gang pulls out a gun to shoot Man-bok for betraying him. Captain Ri jumps forward to kick the gun from Cheol-gang and Master Sergeant Pyo tackles Man-bok out of the way.

This was the signal to start the full-on rumble. There are weapons swinging and limbs flying around everywhere. Captain Ri picks up the gun to aim it at Cheol-gang as he holds Man-bok at knifepoint. He grabs Man-bok and pulls him outside into the night as he beats him. Captain Ri follows them outside to try and find them.

Se-ri is sitting in her car as she witnesses everything happening outside. Captain Ri is walking towards the direction of where Cheol-gang is waiting for him with a gun aimed. Se-ri does the only thing she could think of, she drives in between the bullet fired and Captain Ri. As the bullet shatters her car window and hits her, Captain Ri lands a shot on Cheol-gang. Man-bok picks up the gun Cheol-gang dropped and closes his eyes as he pulls the trigger aiming at the man that's been controlling his life. Unfortunately, he misses and Cheol-gang escapes.

Jeong-hyeok gets to Se-ri's car and opens the driver's door to check on her. She falls out of the car into his arms unconscious as he holds onto her closely. He calls for her and tries to shake her awake as he sees the blood on her side. He cries in agony as she lies there lifeless in the cold. The rescue team runs outside to see Se-ri lying there as they also beg out loud for someone to help.