Crash Landing on You Episode 11 Recap

Crash Landing on You Episode 11 Recap

Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok walks towards Yoon Se-ri as she stares at him in disbelief. She tells him that she dislikes these types of dreams and they don't make her feel good. Jeong-hyeok confirms that it's not a dream and with that, she lunges forward hugging him tightly. He leans his head onto hers as they take a moment to enjoy each other's warm embrace.

There's a gold mine dug out under Japanese rule that's no longer in use. Since Cho Cheol-gang already took this path, it was a risky move on Jeong-hyeok's part to do the same since it had a high rate of collapsing. The path can only fit one person and requires them to crawl at least 20 hours without rest to reach the exit cave.

Se-ri is left with so many questions as she tries to understand why Jeong-hyeok risked his life to come to South Korea. Jeong-hyeok explains that Cho Cheol-gang was supposed to receive criminal punishment, but escaped during transport. Now he's in South Korea to harm her and use her as leverage to sabotage his family. Se-ri understands the situation and preps Jeong-hyeok on South Korea's news speed. He'll need to adapt to avoid being caught on cameras, dash cams, and voice recordings that can be transmitted on the fastest internet connection.

Se-ri brings Jeong-hyeok back to her house. They enjoy some fried chicken while she updates him on how great things have been. She told him her family welcomed her back with open arms and they missed her greatly. Although he smiled, he had a feeling she wasn't completely truthful. Just then, the doorbell rings.

The second brother, Yoon Se-hyeong and his wife let themselves into her home. The sister-in-law remembered her passcode from when she went there previously with their mother. Jeong-hyeok hides in the hallway as he waits for them to leave. They show up to threaten Se-ri with having evidence that she was in North Korea. It'll destroy her if they leak the information so she better know her place and stay out of their way now that they've inherited Queens Group already. She responds in amazement that based on what they're saying, they must have left her there willingly. Se-hyeong tells her that nowadays if you want to get rid of a person it's easy, so she better be careful. Se-ri asks them to leave after letting them know that she won't forget what they've done.

Jeong-hyeok comes out from the other room after hearing everything. She's embarrassed and he lets her know that he won't say anything. He hugs her instead but mentions that he was so angry he almost forgot his situation and ran out. Jeong-hyeok reminds her that she should keep people that she likes in her heart, don't let the ones you hate take up all the space.

Jeong-hyeok left behind a letter for his father before leaving for South Korea. He updates him on Cho Cheol-gang's plan and that he can't sit back while the man that killed his brother tries to kill the woman he loves too. He'll be sure to be back in time for the company switch in a month. His father is angry that his son might ruin his reputation and career. However, his mother warns her husband that he better not let his work come before their son a second time or else he'll live alone for the rest of his life.

Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok's father assemble the five men his son trusted most to bring his son back home from South Korea. The team consists of Company Five's Master Sergeant Pyo Chi-su, First Lieutenant Park Kwang-beom, Private First Class Geum Eun-dong, Staff Sergeant Kim Ju-meok, and the rat Jeong Man-bok. They're sent to South Korea disguised as national track team members and have two weeks to complete their mission.

The five men wander through Seoul as they try to look for Captain Ri with no recognition of anything other than Staff Sergeant Kim Ju-meok's South Korean drama knowledge. Everything from lots of cars, to the variety in instant noodles, and even city lights were marvelous. With their limited money, they stayed overnight at a public bathhouse as they try to come up with a plan. They were able to locate Se-ri's company, but couldn't figure out how to get in through the security. Since they're worried about keeping their identities hidden, they get nervous and panic when asked to make an appointment. They decide to speed walk out of the building making it more suspicious.

Se-ri decides to give Jeong-hyeok a South Korean makeover. Before leaving for the store, he knocks on the hood of her car to warn animals hiding under the car so they don't get injured when the engine is started. She laughs at him because it's not cold and they're in an underground parking garage, but a cat just so happens to run out. She tells him that she'll always do this now, but it'll be sad remembering him whenever she does since he'll be leaving soon.

Once Jeong-hyeok is all dressed up in a suit, Se-ri brings him to her company. She introduces him as her new temporary bodyguard. Her assistant was surprised because she hated bodyguards so she must be dating again if she needs one. Se-ri tries to explain to Jeong-hyeok that there weren't many scandals and her life was boring so even a single meal with someone would make the news. Jeong-hyeok responds that he didn't ask. She smiles and tells him she's picky now because of him which puts a smile on his face.

Back in North Korea, Gu Seung-jun barely avoids getting arrested. The assistant that's been helping him gets caught and throws him his passport so he can escape. He goes to pick up Seo Dan and rescues her from a pack of gossiping mean girls. Since he doesn't have anywhere to go, Seo Dan offers to let him stay at her old place by the town for a few days. They have ramen together that night as Seung-jun tells her to always turn down men that want to eat ramen with her. She responds that she likes it though which leaves him on edge because he can't tell if she was talking about him or the ramen. After not being able to sleep all night he tries to convince her to come over again.

An older couple working in the cave noticed there was a North Korean lapel pin on the ground. The police were called and searched the cave looking for anything suspicious. They were able to find the tunnel that Jeong-hyeok and Cheol-gang used.

Se-ri's oldest brother, Yoon Se-jun reaches out to their mother with some information regarding Se-hyeong. He tells her that the heartless bastard knew Se-ri was in North Korea and left her there. He received the information through Manager Oh, which is the middleman in all the North and South Korea corrupt business deals.

While in Se-ri's office, Jeong-hyeok starts to understand the power of the internet. When they were out shopping he held the door open for people and that alone caused the internet to go crazy. People were posting videos and comments of the handsome man that is god's gift to women with great manners. Cheol-gang happens to be sneaking past her office when he hears a familiar voice. He walks by slowly to peek through the glass window to see Jeong-hyeok with Se-ri. He's been impersonating a security guard in her building for a few days now waiting for his chance to strike.

Jeong-hyeok receives a call to meet with a broker regarding information on Cheol-gang's location. When nighttime comes, he goes to the meetup location. Se-ri sends him a text to ask if he's okay as she's leaving work. Jeong-hyeok doesn't get a chance to respond as a bunch of men attack him. He takes down a majority of them, but one guy with a knife slices his shoulder before he's able to disarm him.

As Se-ri is walking to her car she notices a security guard walk past her with his hat partially covering his face. She does a double-take but heads down to her car anyway. When she gets to her car she remembers what Jeong-hyeok just showed her. She knocks on the hood just for fun but happens to notice someone in her back seat. She starts to slowly walk away from her car and grabs her phone out. Cheol-gang starts to chase her and as she's running she drops her phone.

Jeong-hyeok calls Se-ri's phone but no one picks up. He uses the tracker to see that she's in the parking garage. Se-ri hides in the control booth and sees on the video screen that Cheol-gang is walking towards her. Just as he's about to reach her, Jeong-hyeok calls her phone again and Cheol-gang picks up. He asks why he has her phone. Cheol-gang claims that he's with Se-ri and that he can't wait long so stay on the phone and come now. Jeong-hyeok runs as fast as he can to try to get to Se-ri at the parking garage.

When he gets there, Cheol-gang is hidden and has a gun pointed at him. He's given instructions to look ahead and walk. Jeong-hyeok threatens that he'll kill him if a single hair on Se-ri's head is out of place. Cheol-gang says "Sure. Say what you want to say since this is your last chance." Right as he's about to shoot, all the lights in the garage shut off. Se-ri yells at Cheol-gang to stop bullshitting and tells Jeong-hyeok to run because he's lying about having her. She lets him know she's okay but that Cheol-gang has a gun. Jeong-hyeok closes his eyes and tries to focus on her voice to find her location. Someone grabs Se-ri with one hand over her mouth. As she turns around in fear, she sees Jeong-hyeok looking back at her.