Crash Landing on You Episode 10 Recap

Crash Landing on You Episode 10 Recap

Yoon Se-ri appears from the dead at her memorial shrine located in the lobby of Se-ri's Choice. She shocks everyone as she tells them to spread the news that she's alive. She enters a board meeting where the second brother's wife was winning them over to gain control of Se-ri's Choice. Se-ri tells the board members that she'll pretend none of this happened if they all get back to work immediately. Se-ri tells her sister-in-law that she's back and won't let her eat her company raw.

Jeong Man-bok approaches Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok one night to officially introduce himself as The Rat. He tells a story of someone in the past that listened to him and even got him a wallet as a birthday gift. He handed Jeong-hyeok a letter that was written to Man-bok from his brother Ri Moo-hyeok. Ten years ago Man-bok's son was sick and the hospital was completely out of medicine. Moo-hyeok appeared one night with medicine and a nurse. Man-bok didn't have much but gave him all the money he had to thank him for saving his son's life.

One day, Lieutenant Commander Cho Cheol-gang asked Man-bok to tap Captain Ri Moo-hyeok's vehicle. He was confused as Lieutenant Commander Cho and Captain Ri Moo-hyeok were close friends. He threatened Man-bok with sending his mother to a concentration camp unless he did as he was told. While listening in on Captain Ri Moo-hyeok, he learns that there was evidence to be submitted against Lieutenant Commander Cho for tomb robbery, drug trafficking, and murder. There was also a list of people that took bribes to turn a blind eye. The only other copy of the evidence was hidden in his watch. After learning where all the evidence was hidden, Man-bok updated Lieutenant Commander Cho on the location of the car and that's when the armored trucks collided into them.

Man-bok arrives home that night after knowing what he's done. His wife informs him that Moo-hyeok dropped by earlier that day to bring some meat and leave him a gift for his birthday. When he opened the gift, it was a new wallet with a letter and filled with the money he accepted in the past just to return.

Jeong-hyeok asks him why he's telling him all of this now. Man-bok explains that Moo-hyeok was his only friend and he feels so sorry for what he's done to him. Man-bok kneels down and wants to pay for his sins. He hands Jeong-heok the watch that belonged to Moo-hyeok and a recording. The recording was Moo-hyeok's final conversation in the vehicle on the day of the accident. When he was gushing about Jeong-hyeok and how happy his brother made him feel. At the sound of his brother's voice, Jeong-hyeok breaks down crying.

Se-ri returns home to see her family. She encounters nothing but disappointment from each family member. One sister in law was wearing jewelry she took from Se-ri's home and the other sister bought an enormous amount of Se-ri's Choice stocks when it bottomed out. The person that bought the second-largest amount of stocks was her mother. She confronts her mother stating that Se-ri's Choice was built by her and doesn't belong to her kids. They all thought she was dead and must'be liked it.

Gu Seung-jun was about to get arrested for suspicious behavior, but Seo Dan shows up in time to save him. She introduces him to her uncle that's a General as Alberto Gu a diplomat. With Seo Dan vouching for him, they let him go. Seung-jun teases Seo Dan about the night she got drunk and he had to carry her home. She offered to let him sleepover and told him everything. He slips about knowing Jeong-hyeok went to the DMZ and Seo Dan questions how he knew that because she didn't even know that night. Seung-jun tells her the story of how he knows about Jeong-hyeok going to the DMZ.

Seung-jun recalls receiving a phone call from Jeong-hyeok the night he dropped off Seo Dan. He told Jeong-hyeok that one of Se-ri's brothers know her situation and is unhappy she's alive. He tries to convince Jeong-hyeok to keep her in North Korea since she's not wanted back home anyway. Jeong-hyeok asks him for his help since he's her old friend. Seung-jun comedically responds that they're hardly friends. He texts her on holidays and she never responds not even with an emoji. On top of that, she humiliated him by calling off their engagement weeks before the wedding.

Seung-jun has an internal battle of whether he should go with Jeong-hyeok's plan to help Se-ri or do nothing to help himself. Se-ri's second brother will throw a fit if Se-ri makes it back to South Korea. He decides to keep his word as a man and help her. He distracts the guard at the gate outside the Director of the General Political Bureau the night Se-ri and Jeong-hyeok sneaks out. He also picked them up and drove them after.

While in the car, Se-ri compliments Seung-jun's intelligence and awesomeness. She mentions that she used to think he was only a conman but now that she knows him better, he can use his powers for the right cause. Seung-jun asks her what she did to the ring that a nice and loyal guy like him gave her. She glances at Jeong-hyeok as she responds she just left it somewhere temporarily. Seung-jun asks if she sold it to which she denies. She left it at a pawn shop in the marketplace because she needed cash to buy Jeong-hyeok a vintage watch. However, she ended up losing it immediately though. Jeong-hyeok genuinely replies that he's just happy she isn't hurt. With Seung-jun third-wheeling in the driver's seat, he asks them if they could get out of his car.

First Lieutenant Park Kwang-beom arrives at the meetup location to pickup Se-ri and Captain Ri from Seung-jun's car. Jeong-hyeok thanks him and they part ways. However, he doesn't know what happened after that. Seo Dan's main grasp of the story was that Jeong-hyeok risked everything for Se-ri. Seung-jun tells her that he only helped them because he wanted Seo Dan to get over her first love quickly. She should know it's game over and not obsess over it.

The day of Lieutenant Commander Cho's case finally takes place. He's on trial for murdering 11 individuals through six disguised incidents, stealing and selling cultural heritage and drug trafficking. Jeong-hyeok goes onto the stand to testify and submit evidence. Jeong-hyeok shows proof of the special material used on the armored trucks. Lieutenant Commander Cho is found guilty and received a life sentence in isolation. He beats a handful of soldiers in rage to get to Jeong-hyeok. While being beaten and dragged out of the room he boldly states, "That bitch will die at all costs."

During Cheol-gang's transfer to isolation, an armored truck from a second location charges them. Some soldiers appear to rescue him and set the car on fire to destroy any evidence. Seo Dan's uncle breaks the news to Captain Ri that Cheol-gang must've been killed by higher officials that wanted to keep him quiet. However, Jeong-hyeok had a feeling that this was a plan to help him escape since only four bodies of the five were discovered. When he returns to his office there's an envelope on his desk with a newspaper clipping of Se-ri. Then his phone rings, Cheol-gang tells him that he's going to head to South Korea to kill that woman so follow him if he wants.

Back in Seoul, Se-ri is struggling to adapt to regular life. She works hard at convincing herself her luxury life at home is the best. Her giant bed, skincare products, and fancy home is all she needs. However, she constantly misses Jeong-hyeok and has a difficult time sleeping. She goes and visits places that remind her of Company Five in hopes of seeing traces of them through binoculars from a mountain. Even her assistant is getting chills because his cold boss is suddenly caring. One night when Se-ri couldn't sleep, she goes out for a walk. It was a beautiful night with light snowfall, she sees a man in the near distance. As he walks towards her with his eyes locked onto her, he tells her he's looked everywhere for her.