Crash Landing on You Episode 15 Recap

Crash Landing on You Episode 15 Recap

With a gun pointed directly at Cho Cheol-gang, Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok slowly walks towards him. The National Intelligence Service (NIS) has surrounded the building and yells at them to put down their weapons. Both men are covered in red lasers from the NIS guns. Earlier that day, Cheol-gang received word from the Military Directory that he must kill Captain Ri or don't bother returning to North Korea. Cheol-gang's only goal at the moment was to take Jeong-hyeok down with him. He grabs a gun from his waistband and turns to shoot Jeong-hyeok in an attempt at a murder suicide. However, Jeong-hyeok drops to the floor and rolls out of the way to dodge the bullets. Cheol-gang gets shot repeatedly by the NIS and falls to the ground. Even as he was dying, he mocks Jeong-hyeok that he can't ever go back or his parents will be executed. His final words were that the two of them are in the same boat, they have no where to go and his father probably wants him to die here. He reaches for Jeong-hyeok telling him to leave together before dying.

Back in the military town in North Korea, two men tried to lure Jeong Man-bok's wife and son into their car by impersonating State Security Department officials. This was Cheol-gang's revenge for Man-bok defying his orders. Luckily, the women of the town were smart and figured out it was trick. They chase the men out of their town and watch over the woman and child.

The NIS storm through the hospital after Yoon Se-ri's second brother, Yoon Se-hyeong and his wife contacts them. The wife previously received word from Cheol-gang that all the men including Se-ri's bodyguard were from North Korea. The NIS grabbed everyone from the rescue team for questioning. Se-ri pulls out the needle from her arm and jumps out of her bed to stop them. She cries while trying to explain that the men didn't do anything wrong and to let her go with them. The NIS let her know that she'll be brought in for questioning once the doctor allows her to be discharged. Master Sergeant Pyo Chi-su yells at her to listen to her doctor by resting and to remember to take her medication.

Master Sergeant Pyo Chi-su, First Lieutenant Park Kwang-beom, Private First Class Geum Eun-dong, Staff Sergeant Kim Ju-meok, and Jeong Man-bok all arrive at the NIS building. They've only heard of the horrible things that go on during torture and try to keep brave faces throughout their time there. They go through a series of tests and get hooked up to a machine that seems like an electrical torture device. Master Sergeant Pyo Chi-su tells the NIS that he's not scared at all and to just kill him because he won't say a word. The man informs him that it's a lie detector machine and offers to feed him to calm his nerves. All the men gather in the high quality cafeteria as they try to figure out what trick the NIS are trying to play by treating them so nicely.

Captain Ri Jeong-hyeok was held in a separate location for questioning. The NIS tread lightly as they heard rumors that he might be the son of the Director of the General Political Bureau. If it's true, this will cause chaos in North Korea when they find out. Word gets to Captain Ri's father that his son has been arrested and Cho Cheol-gang was found dead.

Gu Seung-jun was standing outside on the balcony when he notices some men rush into the apartment building. He runs up the flights of stairs until he reaches the roof before turning around to see the assistant, Mr. Cheon that previously helped him escape. Seung-jun can't help but feel confused and shocked as the assistant aims a gun right at him. They capture him and head for the China border. Seung-jun can't help but question his friendship with Mr. Cheon and all they've been through together. Mr. Cheon gives him a look and tells him repeatedly to just shut up before taping his mouth closed.

Yoon Se-hyeong and his wife meet with their father, the chairman, to convince him to cut Se-ri out instead of trying to save her. They told him that Seung-jun will be back soon and that he'll be proof that everything they've said about Se-ri has been true. They claim that the bodyguard she's been with is a spy from North Korea and that she's been working with Seung-jun all along. The chairman kicks them out and tells them he doesn't want to speak about family matters with outsiders.

While held captive at a hotel, Mr. Cheon wakes up in the middle of the night and cuts the ropes off of Seung-jun. He signals Seung-jun to tie him up and covers his mouth with the tape. They make it seem like he escaped on his own but the men eventually go searching for him.. Seung-jun gets help from a few orphans asking for money. They surround his captors and distract them while Seung-jun hides. He gets teary remembering his past and thinking about how similar he is to these kids. He gives one of the boys a giant rolled up stack of hundred dollar bills and tells him to get some food for his siblings. It was his thanks for saving his life.

Seo Dan arrives at the apartment by town to find Seung-jun missing. She notices that his luggage was still there but there were signs of a struggle. By nighttime, Seung-jun finally picks up Seo Dan's phone call. They meet inside Jeong-hyeok's empty home. Seung-jun lets Seo Dan know that hes being chased but managed to get a plane ticket for tomorrow to leave. He asks Seo Dan to send him off at the airport to which she agrees. Seung-jun grabs her hand as he kneels and slides a beautiful ring onto her finger. It's also the ring that Seo Dan helped him pick and said it was pretty. It was the best he could do for now, but if she's still single in the future when he visits, give him a chance. They hug as he promises to live better and remember where he is going because he likes her.

The next morning Seo Dan's goes with Seung-jun to the airport. She drops him off by taxi and gets back into the car immediately to avoid having to say their goodbyes. She's wearing his ring and crying in the backseat. Seung-jun gets a phone call from someone demanding that he goes to them or they'll take this woman with them. He can hear Seo Dan struggling in the background. They give him an hour to show up to the location they texted or they'll kill her. He must decide to save himself by boarding the plane or risking his life to save Seo Dan without another chance at returning home.

Seo Dan is held in a warehouse surrounded by men. Suddenly, the sound of a gunshot gets her attention. Seung-jun comes charging in with his rifle shooting down one person at a time. He walks towards her shot by shot while someone holds a gun to her head. While making sure not to accidentally hurt Seo Dan, someone shoots him in the right shoulder. He comforts her by joking that he learned clay shooting in South Korea so she doesn't need to worry. Seung-jun gets shot a second time as he takes down the final person. They both get into an ambulance as he holds onto dear life.

The NIS look into the captain of special forces Ri Jeong-hyeok to try and determine what he's been planning. They find his viral handsome man holding the door video, him saving a baby, returning a balloon to a child, and even helping an elderly lady push her cart up a hill. Majority of the NIS watching the videos were gushing about how great he seems. However, the lead person wanted more information than just videos that could get him the Good Deed Award.

The lead NIS person interviews Jeong-hyeok to get to the bottom of why he trespassed to North Korea. Jeong-hyeok states that he did it to bring Yoon Se-ri back to his country because she's rich. His men came for the Military World Games but he involved them so now they can't go back. He wasn't able to convince Se-ri to go with him to North Korea so he had his subordinates help but they're innocent. Se-ri hears about Jeong-hyeok's claims and tells the NIS he's lying. He's been trying to help her get back home to South Korea since day one. She tells them that Cho Cheol-gang came from North Korea to kill her and that's why Jeong-hyeok came here to catch the criminal. Se-ri tells them she must send him back home safely no matter what and she'll accept the punishment for hiding him.

The NIS have to determine which story is more likely since both are completely different. They lean towards Se-ri's version because no hostage would get shot for their kidnapper. Jeong-hyeok must be lying to protect any harm from Se-ri. The five men from the rescue team also remain silent as they declare Captain Ri's response is also theirs.

A meeting is setup between Jeong-hyeok and Se-ri. He enters the room and tells the NIS person he didn't want a face-to-face interview with her. Se-ri tells him it's bound to happen since their stories are different but requests that they speak alone. They get situated in a room where there's a camera recording but just the two of them. Jeong-hyeok tries hard to avoid eye contact but Se-ri repeatedly asks him to look at her. She knows he wants to take the fall so that things won't be hard for her. He leans in and tells her that's not it. He's the son of the Director of the General Political Bureau, does she really believe that he did everything for personal reasons. He only did everything to use her because of her background. Se-ri urges him to stop lying. Jeong-hyeok admits that he wasn't untruthful the whole time since they did spend some time together and he got attached. This meeting is all he can do to respect the time they spent together. He sums everything up again stating that he came to South Korea to use a woman who accidentally fell into North Korea. He got something on her and held her hostage.

Se-ri presses that no one holding her hostage would come all the way here to protect her or get shot for her. Jeong-hyeok harshly discloses that he came to South Korea to get revenge on Cheol-gang for his brother and not to protect her so she needs to stop kidding herself. She tries to convince him again to not throw his whole life away by taking the blame. Jeong-hyeok glares at her as he states seeing her now bother him more than throwing his life away so she should leave. As she gets up to leave, she confesses that this must be very tough for him because it's really tough for her.

Se-ri walks a few steps out of the room before collapsing. The stress added to her already weak body still recovering gave out. The NIS lead asks Jeong-hyeok why he had to be so harsh. An ill person came all the way here then passed out and needed to be carried on someone's back. Jeong-hyeok looks up and runs out of the room to see Se-ri as she was being carried away. He cries and stares helplessly from a distance.

The doctor at the hospital tells her mom that the gunshot wound made her immunity level low and the severe stress caused blood poisoning. The situation isn't looking good and has a mortality rate of over 40%.

The NIS was able to fix Cheol-gang's laptop and recover his emails. They showed it to Jeong-hyeok as a reasoning to why he chose to shoot him even though he knew he'd die. The emails show that Jeong-hyeok's father is also doing fine because he told everyone his son would return in a few days. Jeong-hyeok asks how Se-ri is doing. He's updated that she's currently in the Intensive Care Unit and has sepsis as an after-effect of surgery.

Jeong-hyeok rushes to the hospital when he hears that Se-ri is in critical condition. The NIS follow him there as they keep an eye on him. He makes it to the waiting room where there's a window that looks into Se-ri's room. Jeong-hyeok stares intensely at Se-ri's lifeless body as he hopes she'll wake back up.