Having scored 8.7 on IMDB and 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, Crash Landing On You is one of the most popular Korean Dramas. The Korean drama is about the romantic love story of a South Korean who falls for a North Korean army man. This romantic K-drama has touched the heart of many millions of fans all over the world.

Now you might be wondering what you should watch next. We compiled a list of ten dramas that fall into the same category as Crash Landing.

What to watch after Crash Landing on You.

The Legend of Blue Sea

If you are into mermaids and a big fan of Lee Min Ho, you shouldn’t miss this. The story begins in the Joseon era, a con artist has saved and freed a captured mermaid. Lee Min Ho stars as a con artist who saves the beautiful mermaid, played by Jun Ji-Hyun. The mermaid never forgets the kindness of the charming man and searches all over the ocean to find him. It’s not until the present time, she finds out he has reincarnated. This mystical Korean drama has stolen the heart of many young fans.

The hit was so famous that it is popular in Asia and Europe, American, and Oceania.  Its charm is as irresistible as Crash Landing on You.

You Who Came From The Star

Another Korean drama is You Who Came From The Star. Jun Ji-Hyun plays the main actress of this hit. Her co-star is Kim Soo-Hyun, one of the highest-paid actors in South Korea.

Netizen] 'You who came from the Stars' chính thức phát sóng tại Trung Quốc  - SAOKPOP

Kim Soo-Hyun plays an extraterrestrial alien, who has lonely landed on earth for 400 years. The drama is about the love story of a know-it-all alien and a haughty demeanor actress. This encounter has brought much comedy and touching moments. Then it comes for his long-waiting chance to come back to his planet. The alien has to decide whether to come back or stay with his beloved girl. Let’s enjoy the exciting journey of a charming alien with a muddy actress ;)

Romance is a bonus book

Romance Is a Bonus Book | Netflix Official Site

It is not a legendary or fictional TV show like the two above. It is a gentle Korean Drama that leads people to the meaningful message underneath. The lovely Lee Young-Suk and Lee Na Young have delivered a sweet journey from best friends to lovers. The realistic but mellow string has drawn a detailed picture of ordinary people, who do not stand out. This Romance is a Bonus Book that gives us a chance to have a closer look at the stories untold.


Goblin has brought us picturesque sceneries with modern and mythical aspects. Goblin begins from the Goryeo Dynasty to modern times.  Kim Shin was a general but got betrayed and became a goblin, immortal, and very lonely. The only save to get him from the curse is finding the Goblin’s bride. The one, who aims to pull out the sword to end all this eternal pain.

And now when he finally finds the sole way to fade away, he falls in love with his bride. The heartbreaking moments keep happening. Not only delivers us a beautiful melody about love but Goblin also conveys the meaning of life. Everybody you meet is no stranger, you might have had some encounter in the past. Even this relationship is hateful, revenge, or love. Time will make you pay for your wrong and reward you with your kindness.

Goblin has become a cultural phenomenon and got popular worldwide.

Melo is My Nature

Do things get better when you get older?
Melo is my nature, tells the stories of 3 besties, who are currently in their 30s. With different personalities, the three girls have drawn different shades of pink. Im Jin Joo (Chun Woo Hee) is an unconventional and imaginative writer. Lee Eun Jung (Jun Yeo Bin) is a documentary director, she is the owner of a company with her as the only employee. And, Hwang Han Joo (Han Ji Eun) is the head of marketing of a film studio, also she is a single mom.

Each girl with a different life has conveyed such a beautiful but meaningful message. Can girls always stay dreamy, sweet, and romantic like they are living their 20s? It messages that behind a lonely girl, there are stories and reasons untold. These are the things that make them deny love, instead, they choose to treasure themselves.

Her Private Life

What would happen if you find out that your professional assistant is fangirling? Ryan’s journey to get tangled with two identities of Deok Mi (his assistant), has pulled him closer to her life. The closer he gét to her, the more lovely that he finds about her. Plus, the hit point of the drama is that their chemistry is so sizzling. This has impressed and attracted many fans all around the world.

The story of a closed-off boss and a mysterious assistant is sweet, romantic, and joyful. This makes a perfect string of comedy and romance but not draggy at all.  
If you are in your 30s, but you are a fangirl. Why not? Don’t be shy of it!

Fight My Way

This show is where dreams, passion, and reality face. If other comedies show a romantic story of successful people. This often happens in novels and movies. Fight for my way is about the boundaries of passionate young people. When they reach their 30s but still so far from their dream. Should they continue following it, or accept the reality of dire truth.

On the way to success, they find love, happiness, but also failure. What would those young people choose? Reality is not something to make you give up your hope, or pessimistic. It teaches you how to empathize. Such a meaningful message has scored high in viewers’ hearts. When you are still young, let’s live your best and fight your way!

Because This is My First Life

There is no romance, no draggy moments, and luxury. This is a drama about two normal lives that are somehow attached. Even as normal as it seems, a deep and meaningful message lies in it.

He, Nam Se He, is a single man, not a charming prince. Even, he is in his 30s, he still struggles to afford accommodation. She, Yoon Yi Ho, spends 10 years struggling to chase her dream. She fights hard in her youth to get kicked out of her house by her brother.

The two main characters meet as a landlord and renter. Their moments together are not shaded with dreamy color and novelistic elements. Their way to find happiness has so many obstacles that anyone can find themselves in this movie.

It is the first time they find the perfect companion. The first time they go through the unique emotion that is so strange to them. Because they are all the first time, it doesn't mean you can try next time, you should always cherish every moment.

Oh My Ghost

There are many lovely moments between the main characters. Besides, it conveys deep lessons about life that help it score among the top rating dramas of TVN.

Bong Sun can see ghosts, but she seems to be always scared of them. That’s why she is shy and introverted. Yet, she has a big love for cooking. This love draws her and Kang Sun Woo, a handsome chef, together. On the complete opposite, Sun Woo always shines in everything he does. He is confident and attractive.

Bong Sun has a crush on the chef, but she is too shy to show it. Then she got possessed by the ghost, Soon Ae. The positive and naughty Soon Ae, in the body of Bong Sun, has brought many funny accidents. It draws Bong Sun and Chef Kang together. This fate teaches Bong Sun how to be her true self, and helps Soon Ae find out the secret behind her death.

When Sun Woo finds out that the energetic and positive Bong Sun is actually Soon Ae’s soul. Who would be the choice of his heart? Don’t miss out on this wonderful drama, and let’s enjoy the movie.

When the Camellia Blooms

The single mom protects her son with all she has, is as brave and gorgeous as a camellia shines in the wind and sunlight.

Due to some misunderstandings in the past, Dong-Baek has a son and is a single mom. The drama impresses the pressure from the society that most single moms have to face. Then Yong-Sik has love at first sight with the beautiful and brave Dong-Baek. His family strongly opposes his love. Even Dong-Baek doesn’t think about taking the next step with anyone. Yet, his sincerity and perseverance have moved Dong-Baek. The scene with a gentle and melodious soundtrack is another plus point. More unique, the romantic and thrilling elements combine beautifully.

These are the next 10 K-drama suggestion list that Crash landing on you lovers must enjoy. Each drama has a different story and perspective. Yet, they all show us a meaningful message underneath about love and life.